I must be the token poor boy

I have never been able to accumulate wealth everything that I entrusted with other people they stole from me I never took the time to save it back and steal from them and now that I’m older my closest friends from a young age are more wealthier than I am I meet them with 50/50 and feel ashamed for a lot of things I shouldn’t one friend cumulated his wealth from family the other friend has a better work history and on disability without mental illness they both looked down upon me I know because I’m so poor I wish I had somebody that would treat me to a wealth of money but I’m lucky to have what little I’ve got and if I make it through the month by the skin of my teeth I know there is a place for me somewhere


I hear you man…one day my mom tells me I won’t have to worry about money, and that comforts me when times are really hard…sorry about your poverty dr. zen…it sucks I know and you try so hard…don’t give up…how’s the health?


Hey man, sorry to hear that, for what it’s worth I’m struggling along in the “underclass” as well, far below the “poverty line”


not good mental is tho

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