Rich sz or poor sz

I would rather be a rich sz than a poor sz


I don’t think anyone wants to be poor.


I got better cards in Australia with sz as in Germany. I worked as a sz till i got to disabled to work. I wasn’t poor back than. Now i live on the pension. If i would have land as long i live i could have cultivated it for produce. To late to become a farmer. I didn’t manage to own a bakery either. Anyway i missed that train being busy discussing my mental health with the system. It is a delusion to think it could be any different. Maybe its better wanking my rest of my life away. Peace. I mean i am a unpleasant unproductive unneccerary cost in the government books. The sooner i die the better for the economy. A bullet cost only 50 cents and it could save money for the warmaschine. I really don’t understand why i should quit smoking.

@Dunno3x, you’re being very negative today. I could realistically look at my life the same way, but, I don’t.


Not to worry about spilled water. I spoke to the psychiatrists. They are my advocates and representatives in politics. Another psychiatry closed down cause it cost to much. Its cheaper camping. A week camping is more valuable than one month psychiatry.

I didn’t enjoy eating out of garbage cans and sleeping on the streets in -30C weather.


I can sleep only in one bed, eat one bread at a time.

This reminds me of that famous musical number - “If I were a rich sz”

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Of course I’d rather be rich. Shrimp cocktails, a top hat and cane with a monacle, I’d be fresher than Mr. Peanut!

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If I were rich I’d end up blowing it. Well how rich we talking. I worry about money a bit even though my parents are financially stable I couldn’t see me ever being so. I need their support for now. And even then I make the stupidest financial decisions. But they’re my safety net.

I would either wanna be filthy rich or have someone control my own money or something. Honestly worst case scenario for me is like 50k a year in income Managing my own finances and all.

I’d look at my bank at times and say I have so much. Because that’s what I do. Save for a while. Then I spend money like crazy and it always goes quicker than you think. And I get really anxious about Money. I have bad anxiety that I will lose all my money or run out or something.

But When I relied on disability I’d have $.30 in my bank account at the end of the month and I’d manage just fine. You can’t trust me with my money I’m such a dumass about it lol.

I am what most people would call poor, but I’m not too worried about it. If I got a bunch of money my life wouldn’t change that much. They say that rich people are only slightly happier than poor. Being rich comes with its own set of problems. People always wanting you to “loan” them money, the ability to feed your addictions easier, social competition with your snobby neighbors, and so on. I guess if someone offered me a bunch of money I wouldn’t turn it down, but I’m not unhappy the way I am.


@jukebox Don’t try to start an argument. No one has said anything against you.

Once I get out of this group home, no one will call me rich. But I can be a frugal budgeter. I can eat well on $100 a week despite being pretty big. I just get generic and cheap but decent name brand.

I also know a whole lot of cheap ways to entertain myself at home.


The worst part about being a poor SZ is the low cost food choices not being the healthiest, leading to the body being put in a net deterioration state, causing the SZ problem to worsen.

I wish I had an answer to that problem.


I am trying to avoid processed and premade food whenever possible. Going for whole foods and whole grains. I feel better when I eat better.


My pattern is that about every 3-4 years I come into some money from somewhere. It lasts half a year to a year and then I’m broke again. Just three and a half years ago I had credit card debt in the thousands. I thought I would be broke for the next several years but with my tax refund money and getting food from a food bank I was able to make big monthly payments and now I am not only debt free but have a couple of thousand dollars in the bank.

I’ll get a nice tax refund around February. I don’t need luxury’s, I just like having enough money so that when I’m out running errands I can stop at any fast food joint I want and afford a large Coke without worrying about it or I won’t be worrying about gas money for the next 6-12 months.


I do ok, i have some savings, some hopes for the future,

I’m hoping to get a proper job and do it full time, i think i’d have to come off of benefits but i’d like to do that anyway just got to be sure that i’ll be ok, keep taking my meds etc

I think i’d rather than be richer in mind than richer in pocket,

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I’m living in Thailand. I am only making about $200 a month teaching online now. I have 500 in cash and 1200 in the bank. I would consider that pretty ■■■■■■■ poor. However, I try to be generous and help others when I can. It makes me feel good. I really would like to have some money… Only problem is I’m pretty lazy because I have trouble focusing on one thing.


More money, less problems.

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Yeah… think about it… you can live a lot happier as a rich schizophrenic. Your prognosis is better too. You will have access to better doctors… You can take vacations to beautiful beaches and melt any bad thoughts away. You can help others. Money isn’t the root of all evil. Lack of money is!