I met a really nice guy online

I think he might accept me for who I am.



Well idk yet :smile:

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Omg I want to buy these custard chocolate pain au chocolats in my local shop.

But I don’t want to be fat for him.

Maybe I will just fast after today.

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These pain au chocolats have custard in them… Not just chocolate… How amazing?


@anon83141956 that’s cool. Hope it becomes something great.

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Oh really??? Thats great! By the way those chocolates sounds delicious lol!

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Yes I was speaking to two guys online yesterday. Very unusual for me. But only one of them I didn’t feel so anxious with.

They were amazing I shoullda taken a photo…

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Thanks Kxev, yea I think it might be something good. I appreciate your support.

Why unusual? Is it the anxiety? For me its the paranoia LOL. Thats great! I hear you. Cherishing the moments huh? Well atleast you remember it. I would write it down or something just to keep it as a cool memory.

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I’m very picky when choosing who to talk with online dating sites. I think it is a mixture of paranoia and also cos I’m pretty dam simple so many people on these sites overwhelm me. Plus many are into casual sex and hangouts. I am not into that. Yea I do cherish that memory of yesterday. In the sense that there is hope that I found a potential boyfriend.

What kind of paranoia do you get. If you are paranoid to talk about it that’s cool.


Ohhh I see where you are coming from. Yeah its not the same there is more to love than just casual hook ups. You got this. I feel like everyone is trying to conspire against me and are talking shi t behind my back, or they are part of an elaborate scheme to kill me.


I met David online… We’re to be married in May I sent him a pm on March 14th 2020


Congrats @anon83141956 ! I hope it works out.


That sounds rough. I would stay away from people who you feel are plotting to kill you.

I get that feeling on this forum. That I fear people will eventually want to kill me. I wish I stayed anonymous then they have no actual target.

How do we get rid of such paranoia?

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Yeah. Its best if one does that. Yeah its really rough with this intense paranoia. I just face it. My voices tell me dont turn around because your enemy will kill you, so I turn around and face it. If i die I die but atleast I faced my fears. Lol thats my way, it works for me.



‘Meeting People Is Easy’~ Radiohead (1997). Y2K Puzzle, On The Horizon.

Scott Walker~ ‘30th Century Man’. (((Still Dreaming))).

Good Luck!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. Mother Nature Doesn’t Understand Lies, And The Lying To Continue Lying Endlessly. . . . . . .

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Congratulations Twialine :star_struck:

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@anon83141956. Thank you! I’m excited

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Mother nature understands me…

That’s a good way to think about it.

Maybe I should do the same with the forum.

Hope that no one will kill me.

I just get scared that what if people will get delusions where they need to kill me

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