I messaged loads of women on pof

I messaged loads of women but i got nothing back :frowning:

what am i doing wrong? is someone preventing me from getting replies?

i got into trouble on the pof forum once and now i think they are still punishing me for it :frowning:

I wish i could meet someone :frowning:


Get into stoicism mate


I enjoy your comments. I’m sure some woman will appreciate you one day.

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You are an interesting guy @asgoodasitgets, you will eventually get a response.


Maybe it’s your profile. Does it have any spelling/grammar errors? Does it come off misogynistic? Too much of a push over? Too demanding? Anything like that?

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Not to give you a hard time,

But did you write individual messages to each woman,

Or did you copy and paste the same one?

idk, my profile seems to be ok, just a little about myself, nothing fancy,

@anon54386108 i tried to make my messages unique to each person but some are the same, I don’t copy/paste though,

just things like… hey beautiful, how you doing? xxx

or just as simple as… hey, how are you? x

if i read their profile i might write something about that

This sort of thing puts a lot of women off. I would avoid commenting on their appearance.


I think you should beef up your profile,

Take some flattering pictures, outside, in good light,

And make your profile funny.

Ladies love that.

As far as the messages go,

I don’t know,

Maybe you should try something more personal.


Keep the messages light, funny and brief, don’t reveal too much of yourself in the beginning either, make them curious and have to ask for more.

“Hey beautiful” sounds like your desperate, just be yourself and friendly.


I have a beard just now so i put a pic up with me with and without a beard, if i took more pics they would all have beards and i really don’t want to lose the beard bc its cheering me up i think.

Idk how to make it funny, i am a funny person but usually its in conversation, its hard to explain, idk how to write a funny profile, i tried but my friend said it was bad lol

I’ll try and write something more personal, its hard though bc i haven’t got all day to read every profile, i thought something just to catch their eye or something, make them want to look at my profile.

btw guys i did both tests on pof. one was psychological and the other relationships and i got a really good write up :slight_smile:


if i was myself i’d just be like, hi, how you doing? nice night isn’t it lol, just really simple stuff, i guess i don’t want to sound boring lol

maybe say something like, whatcha up to? or have you had a good day? or something might help

You seem pretty decent, it might not even be you that’s the problem here.
Sometimes it takes awhile to find the women worth keeping, don’t settle for just anyone, if you do, you won’t be available when someone you do want more comes along.

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i really wish i could get to that stage lol

i also liked loads of women on tinder too :confused:

I think if I were on a dating website,

I’d like to get messages like,

“I saw that you like dinosaurs ( or whatever ) and thought you should know how much I love dinosaurs ( or whatever ). Message me sometime and we can talk dinos ( or whatever )!”

Anything to make it about their interests and show that you’re putting in some effort.


Ask them if they would prefer a horse sized duck or a duck sized horse


I don’t think it’s bad to comment on appearance but I wouldn’t say hey beautiful… Also don’t comment their eyes!! Every girl has heard that a million times. Find the most unique thing other than eyes and comment on it. But what do I know. I never had success on dating sites.

As far as unique comments, I’ve tried it all, use my intuition the best I could never got me far in these dating sites. Either all the girls turn off it showing that they view your profile for these girls don’t even view my profile… Let alone get a message back ha ha Ha never practically

I agree with @Csummers drop the “hey beautiful” anyone can say that…just show genuine interest and say something about yourself in intros…I got lots of replies that way…I was also up front on my profile about being on disability.


Those guys were sure the life of the party.

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