I may have to leave my bf

Hes cusses me out everyday,screams at me to go away. We live in separate rooms.he hardly ever talks to me unless hes in a good mood. Im in 3,000 in debt. The only place i could go to is a motel me and my bf used yo live in.my mom is about to be homeless.should i stay make things work

Can you get on a waiting list for an apartment? You deserve to be treated kindly all the time. What he’s doing is wrong.

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Is he sick too? I mean, does he have a mental diagnosis as well?

It doesn’t sound like it’s a stable relationship to be honest. If/when you guys do split up, is there any way you guys can make an agreement that lets you keep the apartment and he moves out instead of you?

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Hes bipolar he had a rpugh life

Being bipolar and having had a rough life is no excuse for only treating you properly when he feels like it.
He’s your boyfriend and he lives with you, he should do his part to make it a positive, comfortable environment despite his struggles.

I think you should have a talk with him and calmly explain that you’re feeling a little targeted by him, and that it’s not fair of him to dish all his anger out on you every day.

He should make an effort if he wants to keep the relationship going instead of making excuses for himself.


Is it possible to just limit your time together as you stableize on your new dose of meds? I would think making a move, especially to a hotel, right now would just stress you more.

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Sorry @roxanna - Is there a local hotline you can call for advice/support?

Yes 15151515181515

Hi @roxanna I don’t think it is a good idea for you, in this condition to be on the streets or in a motel.
Just hang in there a little while, try not to disturb him if he is mentally ill too and focus on getting healthy and gaining your sanity back.

If your mom is about to become homeless, maybe she can come and stay with you for a little while? Is that possible? If you have some debt, you should not go into more debt, especially because you do not have a job.

What are you doing tonight on NYE?


I had the reverse situation where I couldn’t get my girlfriend to leave. She had BPD and I was honestly scared of her, but by thinking of her as a roommate instead of my girlfriend I was able to tolerate her until the lease ended.

I would try and save the money as long as possible, because living in a motel is a temporary solution and should only be done if you have income or housing lined up (otherwise your wasting money to hold off the inevitable a few weeks). Maybe look into “housing nonprofits” in your area to see what’s available, many will help you temporarily.

If he ever threatens you though then you should leave.

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