I have to find another place to live


My bf flipped out on me and others last three days. I can’t deal with him no more. I don’t feel safe.


That is too bad. Hoping the best for you. :koala::koala::koala:


Leave him if you don’t feel safe.


Yeah if you don’t feel safe it’s definitely time to go. Hope you’re able to find somewhere soon.


I hope you do find another place to live
One that is quiet and not alot of other people around.


Well, that’s wonderful. If he flips out on you than why the hell has he not been flipping out on the stupid neighbors that are abusing his girlfriend?


Yes. Nobody needs that kind of drama. A new place might be just what you need.


Do you have anywhere to go? Can you stay with family until you can get a place of your own? I wish the best for you!


My father. I’ve got things saved back so.


He says I’m hearing things. Nobody’s yelling at you.


Well, take your experience with the neighbors and apply it to wherever you live next. Don’t make the same mistakes. You have learned a hard-earned lesson on what not to do in apartment living.


Maybe a break from your current situation will help you


I find that hard to believe. I have to believe that you were at least partially correct that the neighbors were bugging you. Right?


I hope you find another place.:hugs:


peace and love @roxanna I know how emotions fly, it’s not fun.

do you love the guy? I have to ask myself that every day.


If you don’t feel safe, it’s time to go. Even if it does turn out to be a hallucination and your bf was never yelling at you, you will hopefully be able to mend your relationship once you are well. In a case like this, it is very much better to be safe than sorry.


I love him very much. I’m going to see if I can reconcile with him. I know his quarks.


I hallucinated my husband coming in the bedroom and telling at me. It was very realistic.


@roxanna Have you ever been on invega? It’s working for me atm and I’m also sza


They won’t put me on invega I think my insurance would say it costs too much. Vraylar they won’t me take too much for insurance. Latuda 120mg is 2,900 for one month of pills.