Preparing to be homeless

My bf is a loud ass.idgaf anymore.

I think you should wait to be stable again before taking some serious decision like this one.

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I think were going to be evicted eventually.

rox take it ez, I’m not sure what the issue is, but ive been homeless a couple of times. it happened before my diagnoses though…once only for a couple of days with my condition. maymbe your numb to it…but in the long run it may not be good depending on what you want/expect. just reconsider things, and if your sure…then its your call

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Ah sorry I thought you wanted to leave your house. :slight_smile:

My neighbors can burn in hell.

Look into the laws and give them hell. I received an “evication notice” (it isn’t legal) and I plan on fighting it and sueing him in return for harrassment.

For what? 15151515

what is the reason for eviction?

and what is your boyfriend’s opinion? I guess he does not work?

No I’m not getting evicted on just worried well get a warning.

why are you worried that you will get a warning? are you paying rent or not?

Yes. Other neighbors are loud of not louder than us.

I just worry alot

don’t worry too much and just focus on getting better for now. Let your boyfriend deal with these issues.

are you feeling better or still hearing a lot of yelling ?

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I’m feeling a lot better. I figured the meds wouldn’t help with the voices much.

at least now you know they are not real.

Just rest and hope you feel better soon. I am sure you will recover!


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