My sole support, my parents

If anyone ever really feels so happy for some progress I made today, it is my parents. If anyone really cares enough to live with me and face my life with me, it is my parents. When life turns out a disappointing mess, the only ones who cry for me and then do not leave me are my parents. These days, I often doubt if there are true love out in this world. From time to time, I find the answer in parents.

Today my mother put me into a job. I’m working for her boss. Back home, my father asked enthusiastically, if I’m happy in the office. I replied to him, as happy as u are right now. He smiled.


This is really wonderful news. I too am really very happy for you. Things seem to have changed for you so quickly. :smiley: :smiley::smiley:

Is this a completely different job? Are you working two jobs now? Or is this new job instead of the other job?


Im happy for you too goggles, Im glad you found a slice of happiness recently :smiley:

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That is great news. I hope you are happy for yourself as well.

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Oh yes, I’m working for a trading firm today. This is a new job. The boss of my mother knows about my illness and suggests to hire me. Small office. It is a part time right now. Mom says the boss intends to hire me on long term basis. I’m actually doing three part time right now, because I assist in a clinic on my day offs.

I have never worked in the commercial field until recently. But the work is neither difficult nor stressful. We work while listening to radio. The pay is better. Not comparable to the past but I think it is reasonable for now. At this rate I think I could manage a full time.

From another J (And yes I’m one of those in the J category but don’t have a R :grin:)



I’m happy. But I don’t know, I cry when I’m happy.

I cry when I’m happy and sometimes accidently laugh when I’m sad. Sz has cross wired my head.

But it could be tears of joy? :joy: That’s what I"m hoping. You have worked so hard.

You deserve this success and happiness.


That made me think… I cry when I’m happy not when I’m sad.

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@SurprisedJ @Wave

There is hope to survive; there is a little something to feed my daily life. I think it is good. I don’t know, I cry when I feel the love I got. I’m am affectionate guy.


That’s awesome! There is nothing better than a stable occupation for us, it’s the best thing for us next to psychiatric treatment. Ideally a schizophrenic should have support, a psychiatrist and an occupation. Looks like you have all three. Keep being awesome!


i am really happy for you.
take care

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My parents were pretty good to me when I was young adult. It made me try to reach out to other family members like my Aunts and Uncles, with some success, I might add.