I have got to remember this

Tonight I’m talking to my mom, I don’t want to live in a half way hostel. Mom replied without a thought, not while I’m alive. This is reassuring.

Mom says you need to protect yourself. She stressed that for a lot of time. Mom is happy whenever I told her about the little things going on in the workplace. Mom says keep on doing it. She wants me to try connecting / talking to people and gets better in doing it. Mom said she fears my way ahead would be getting hard if i keep sitting in my room all day. It must be really odd to see an active young person suddenly withdrawn into the little bedroom everyday seeing no one for more than 2 years.

We are communicating much better.


This is very good news. I’m glad you have your mother looking out for you. She does sound much happier now and so do you. Your post have also been more positive.

When you post of better times happening to you, it always makes me smile. I’m glad you have some family on your side.

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Thanks, James. In the last couple of months, I think i walk past the lowest valley. Everyday I survive by sticking to the forum and working on the part time. So now you and the others are my best friends! I think an average person would be fearful of me when im not doing well but u are accepting and understanding. I love u so much!

I love you too goggles and I’m glad your doing more then just surviving, your healing. I am so glad you and your Mom are talking more.

Socializing with other is essential to a healthier life. Find a group or a person you can trust. Good positive relations with family members is also important…

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