I’m sleeping too much. Help

I don’t know what to do. I’m sleeping way too much lately. I don’t know if it’s my meds I take at night(50mg Loxapine 10mg Ambien) that just make me really drowsy the next morning or what it is but I seriously need help. I literally slept from 1am to 2pm today and wasted like my whole day. I meant to get up at 10. What should I do? I don’t think I had as much of an issue before Loxapine

Talk to your therapist about it. Once you show them you are willing to accept the med’s they give you they are a lot more amenable to the changes in med’s you ask for. Where I live it is not too hard to get on an antidepressant.

Well I don’t need a different antidepressant I’m already on Wellbutrin. And Loxapine is literally the only antipsychotic I’ve found the helps control my psychosis so I don’t know what they can do about a med change.

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Ambien shouldn’t make you drowsy in the AM.

Right but will Loxapine?

I sleep 12-13 hours a day. Used to be 16 hours when I was on a higher dose of clozapine. So it’s already much better.

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I used to sleep a lot until I started to drink coffee right after I wakeup, 2 cups. I tried not drinking coffee and I sleep again right after waking up. Maybe make the coffee strong.

I sleep 12 hours exactly every night

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Maybe try a slightly lower dose of ap and see if you are better off.

This often involves purchasing a tablet cleaver so you can cut pills in half since there usually is a leap between different available dosage strenghts. Not all tablets are recommended to be cut…so you need to check that with your doc as well.

I sleep too much, they did a sleep study, nothing came of it, I kinda gave up on trying to stop it, probably all the meds I take

I tend to sleep 12 hours a day. I’ve told my pdoc, and she’s not concerned

i sleep like 11 hours myself more or less… i dunno what to do to sleep less…

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