I’m sad because i have to stay here

:frowning: i’m frustrated honestly

You are not stable so you need to be there. Just take life there a day at a time. Do mindfulness breathing or something else that calms your mind, and helps you to be in the moment. Work on yourself while you’re there.

I’ve tried mindfulness but honestly its not very helpful

Are you allowed to do crochet? So they have yarn and hooks? That is a good way to pass the time when you’re stuck.


Not allowed and I suck at arts& crafts myself

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What activities do they have? Any cards or jigsaw puzzles?

Ask while you’re there for other suggestions on how to cope with steess

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watching tv or playing board games/cards
also there’s books

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Not the best options, but not terrible either. Are you in a ward for only children, or mixed with adults?

only teenagers aged 14-17yo here

Anyone cool there?

cool? not really :confused:

Sorry. Anyone you can stand talking to at least?

Not really, I’m socially anxious and quite shy

That’s okay. You don’t have to make friends while you’re there. Just focus on getting better. Do they do therapy activities? I know some places have a structured day.

No therapy really which is a shame :frowning:

How to cope w/ paranoia?

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Ask your treatment team how. And make use of your time there practicing the skills they teach you

sorry to hear you are frustrated =(
It’s weird that you don’t get therapy there. That’s a bummer.

yeah only meetings with the nurse and dr