Crystal’s help thread

I’m bored and need someone to talk to


Hey…got a little bit of time…how’s your weather? Over here we are in a semi tropical rain event. Over 150 ml’s over 4 days and everything is wet with some localized flooding! Fun under the sun we call it…

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Snowy because I live in Finland (lol)

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I’m bored and I need to sleep but sleep doesn’t want me so I’m posting on here. Sighs.

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REM had a great song…“Should we talk about the weather?” It’s often a social lubricant to get to deeper levels of understanding with people. How are your social skills with others?

As to that…how are you?


My social skills are lacking

Anyways, I’m okay except for intrusive thoughts

I’m the same. I’m not a very verbally skilled or non verbally skilled communicator at all.

Did you make the decision to attend school again by the way?

Yeah they’ll bite you still. People like to talk about themselves. You can do well socially if you focus on what people are saying and remember what they say.

@Jayster years ago made a great post that I remember about remembering what type of coffee people like. You know a person likes milk and two sugars they respect that. It makes them appreciate that you know something about them and that is half the battle!


i’m studying by myself.
Will likely go to “high school” next semester

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I see. That’s cool. It’s good you’re preparing in advance, that should prove helpful.

I’ve noticed at university level, if you do things in advance, it relieves a lot of pressure and you can spot mistakes that need addressing.

Good to build the mindset early.

Yeah you’re right.

Hey Crystal. I’m currently in Riga, it’s cold here as well.
It seems some Latvians speak Finnish, so I’m trying to relearn it. I spoke it as a kid, but failed to maintain it.

Hey, how are you?

I sometimes have a feeling that people want to kill me…

I’m ok, at work atm.
How are you?

I’m okay too…

When do you feel like that?

idk it happens occasionally

That’s good.
I noticed you wrote you sometimes feel people want to kill you.
That’s ok, and it’s okay to get scared, what matters is how you act on it.
In time you’ll learn to recognise whether it’s anxiety, paranoia, or something to be genuinely concerned about.

Do you like drawings? Want me to draw you anything?

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Draw a kitten lol