My friend got out of the ward

What is this sorcery? I won’t get out even though I’m just mildly paranoid…

I’m lowkey becoming anxious

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I was delusional and stayed 2 weeks. This girl stayed longer than me and she was neither delusional or paranoid. It all depends on the doctor.

i hate the dr :frowning:

I didn’t like mine either.

I tried to tell but all they do is try increase clozapine slowly

Words can’t explain how much I hate this

They would if the low dose doesn’t work. They increased mine.

Yeah but this is r l y s l o w

They increased mine over years. As the dose didn’t work 6 months later I was on 10mg … 10 years later on 15mg. Thats slow.

What med? :confused:

Abilify gingkbgknhk

I see. :confused:

I am the future president of Ireland

No you’re not. :confused:

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Surely am, believe me I am going straight to the top, I’m on a drug called NZT

You’re delusional, sorry to say

How to get out of the ward

You seem to ruminating that’s how I get …

i know but i want to get out