I’m moving to another state

How is latuda? Have you taken it?

What about your kids @Prettyrose?

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I know it has to be a delusion because it’s too creepy lol.

You are right. I want to see my doctor first.

For me it completely took the auditory hallucinations for a year, but I made a mistake and skipped some doses and it quit working

I really can’t make any rational decisions with every thing that is going on. I’m just being honest. Their well being comes before mine and I’m going to do what is best for them at the end of the day.

Hmm… I’ll mention that to my doctor. Thankyou

What’s best for your kids isthat you get better meds that will help stop this delusion. Your poorkids deserve a mother that isn’t ill. T hat is coming from another ill mom. Don’t keep putting your kids through this.

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Ok I won’t thanks hun.

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