Im taking my babies and moving to another state

Hi guys so today as i was laying in bed i heard my aunt and my cousin talking about me saying how i am on camera and that they want revenge because they think i hurt my grandmother which i did not. It is so devastating having a camera on you 24/7 you dont have any privacy because everyone is watching your every move. You need some sort of privacy. And to think the whole world is watching my thoughts has turned me crazy. I have no privacy and i feel my whole family had something to do with implanting this hidden camera in my head or on my body. So i dont want to have anything to do with them so im taking my babies and im moving to the nearest state that accepts ssi imcome. Being on camera is turning me crazy and i dont want to be around anyone even though the camera is going to follow me anywhere because its implanted on me. And oh im back on the tv. The people on tv was just waiting on an altercation to happen again so that they can have a reason to talk about me again on tv.

You don’t sound well. I don’t think being alone with your kids is a good idea. You need some sort of support system.


This camera has been on me for 2 years and im tired and i have officially went loco. And i think that EVERYONE in the country is against me and wants to see me hurt.

I get your point but i feel like my family and friends are trying to hurt us so i dont feel we have a support system. So im going to do whats best for our safety.

No, don’t take your children and leave. I know you’re scared, and I know this all seems real to you right now, but that’s only because you’re not in a good state of mind. The truth is that there are no cameras on you; you only believe there are because you are schizophrenic. Psychosis is dangerous. How would you feel if some harm came to your children because of something you did while psychotic? Please listen to us. Your aunt and your cousin are only trying to help you. Trust in them.


How are they trying to help me by spying on my every move? And if they know its not good for my mental health why would they continue to do that?

They’re not spying on you, that’s just what the illness makes you believe

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Uh, not gonna work. No matter where you go, there you are. All of this is part of you that is broken because of illness and it will be wherever you wind up next. You’re likely to destabilize further and lose your children. You truly do not sound well and that your insight is extremely limited to almost non-existent.


Im trying to research and see if there are any hidden cameras that can be injected into the body that can watch you. The only thing is that wouldnt they have to be directed towards you in order to see you? Im trying to see where the camera can be implanted where it can read my thoughts. I know this sounds so bizarre but there has to be an answer to what im experiencing. How is the world watching me? And also, what platform are they watching me from? Is the live stream on snapchat or is it connected to someones wifi camera that plays me live? If its wifi would people have to find get the wifi information to put it on their phones?

I dont know why people would watch me im not interesting. Especially all day. Im trying to talk myself out of this delusion but it is so hard. Im not on tv anymore thank God. But i still experience hearing people talk about me and i dont want to believe my ears are deceiving me because it sounds soooo real. Come on Candice you can beat this.

This is nothing personal but I don’t see how you can make a move to another state and care for two kids when it sounds like you would not even be able to take care of yourself.

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Honestly my mom has said the said thing. Im just going to stay home and stick it out. I am in a fight of my life. She is trying to help me though.

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Yes, you are. But it’s possible to win. You can’t win them all but if you do the right things, you have a fair chance of getting something out of life. But all of us had to go through the shitty torture of psychosis for awhile before we started getting better and going to school or work etc. Most of the time it gets better. You’re lucky you have your mom on your side; very lucky. Not every schizophrenic has their family on their side.

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Schizophrenic. Delusions.

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Thankyou. Yes i am lucky.

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@anon21836947, you honestly don’t sound well right now. You need to talk to your psychiatrist, or go to the nearest ER, if you don’t have a psychiatrist.
I will be pr-ying for you.

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