Is leaving the city a rational decision?

I have DD but the intensity of Delusions is coming down. My parents had hospitalized me when I had hit them once. After that I have been living away from them.

The impact of hospitalization has been huge , It has been more of an psychological impact than anything else. Somehow I haven’t been able to forgive my parents.

I feel that moving to another city would give me a new opportunity to start a new life.

Do you think this is wise to do so?.

Peoples places and things…

These things don’t cure your life.

Hospitalizations only really suck when you need to be…keep that in mind. If I went now it wouldn’t be so bad cuz my mood is stable. No psychosis, clear thinking.

You say you have dd which is different from schizophrenia meanwhile you tell us we don’t need meds. Maybe dd doesn’t need meds but sz does? Ever thought of that?

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Waterway needs meds for example. She has dd.

@saurav running away from your problems is never a good idea. But if you honestly think you’ll be happier give it a try.

Yeah I know it’s true I’m just trying to reason with him and make him realize his hypocrasy

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Thanks @Minnii and @turningthepage I feel terribly depressed today :frowning: , I am in some trouble too which I cannot discuss here…I hope once I come off the trouble…My depression shall ease and I may be able to forget the hospitalization.

@Minnii right now I feel destroyed. Why do i feel like this?

Sorry you feel so bad but from experience running away from problems will only make you more uncomfortable. I hope you feel better.

We all have bad phases in our lives, the truth is that it always passes. According to our attitude on the matter. If you have a bad attitude towards yourself and what surrounds you it’s difficult to overcome obstacles.

Know it passes, take deep breaths and try and solve one thing at a time.

I would have solved this problem long back @Minnii but the trouble is that it is not in my hand. I just hope it gets over soon and I can recover my life .

Well good luck, hope everything works for the best

yes @Minnii, thankfully there is a person with me else I was all alone…she is my therapist cum friend and has stood with me for more than 7 months now. I hope she sticks with me …I think in just a few more months (maximum 3 more months) my problem will be over. If she continues to stick with me I can escape this city for good and never ever come back…NEVER.

The thing I forgot to mention was that I cant leave the city now due to the trouble I talked of.

Do I sound psychotic ?

You always sound a bit out there… Don’t worry, everything will fall in place in no time and in the future it’s going to look just like a bad dream

There’s no way I could leave my city. Everything is setup so that I could retire quite easily - I have good & reliable transportation, psychotherapy, and everything I need is within close-range of home.