Do you think people around you generally liked or disliked you more?

Do you think they liked you or disliked you more? How do you describe and elaborate your answer?


I think people often dislike me. My husband has 2 female friends who don’t talk to him anymore because they don’t like me. People often hate me the moment they meet me. I usually try to be worthy after that but it never works out. I’m awkward and I think that causes people to hate me.


I dont know. Im not sure what happened.

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attribute it to mr. prejudice and mrs. stigma.

not to yourself please.

you’re wonderful.



Thanks @ifeelblessed


People always liked me until some of the people who met me after 22 when I started having delusions really dominate my life. People always knew I was troubled, Some people felt bad for me, But liked me, stuck up for me if I needed it. But they didn’t like me enough to stick around through my issues. I often felt very misunderstood.

At 20 I had no friends Left from college at 21 I lost ALL my friends from hs AND the ones I made that year in college. Because no one wanted to hang out with someone so psychotic. But they didn’t dislike me.

But then when I had delusions I feel people disliked me more

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The truth is that I’m liked very much and easily. But my paranoia says otherwise


They used to like me a great deal when I was in school, particularly when I was not sick, but they did seem to still like me even after my onset. After school, though, it seems like most of the people in my life aren’t too fond of me anymore; I think its because of my argumentative behavior. But I could be getting it all wrong due to my all or nothing thinking.

People hate me! The dumbest people alive, want to tell me what to do. They think they’re geniuses. They are totally wacked. When you don’t do stupid things, they want you to, they lie about you and try to cause problems for you.

I think I’m almost completely unknown, in spite of the Truman show stuff. Like my relatives probably don’t even think of me anymore.

I need to be healthy to make friends and such. I refuse to push out like this.


When I was a child I was not overly liked but sometimes had a precious few.

As a teen I was not liked but hated by those in onsala and bullied.

I am not everyone’s cup of tea.:open_mouth:

A precious few like me.
Many can’t stand me and I them.

I’m awkward too.

I have difficulties socialising.

I believe my manager likes me.:partying_face:

Those at my gym I used to go to dont.
Those where I agisted don’t like me.

Most don’t like me it seems.

I can’t stand being around most including some family.

A precious few I believe like me.

There were times in my life where nobody liked me and pretty much all I got was hate.

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We think of you.
You have us.:slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:


I have very striking features so upon first impression im often disliked until people get to know me

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Most people when first meeting me tell me I’m weird, but after a while get to like me, or used to. I used to make friends with homeless people when I was out drinking really fast tho.

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Very few people tell me they like me so I feel unlikeable. But my sisters are always telling me that most people who meet me tell my sisters that they think I’m a nice guy or they like me.


I think a lot of people don’t like me… sometimes when I talk to people they tell me they thought I didn’t like them…

Some of the people I think like me don’t… they don’t even want to be my friend… people online mostly. I don’t have any friends where I am now.

I don’t have the best social skills so half people like me and half don’t

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I think almost all people like me initially. It’s because I’m such a nice and kind person. That’s genuine too. Although I just read that being too nice can be off putting. It makes them feel like you want something from them. I’ve experienced that once. Another problem with being too nice is it makes people think they can walk all over you. That means once you stand up for yourself people will say you changed. I had that happen to me once too.

Another possibility is that people see me as an ■■■■■■■. I just don’t recognize it.


People generally liked me but because people think they can read my thoughts they are really mean and worse.

I have been told I am generally a likeable person on many occasions. I like to say that if you don’t like me, you don’t know me.

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