I loved my friend


i had a friend in college and we got on really well, i miss her :frowning:

she was such a beautiful girl i wanted to be with her all the time but i couldn’t and she had a bf as well, i loved her personality and we really clicked, i liked everything about her but we could never be together,

i wished we could but she was not interested in me in that way, i think she just liked my personality but i am a bit too old for her maybe, i really loved her tho, she is the reason i kept going to college really as well as wanting to progress and pass,

she would write on my paper and i would write back and drew pictures, she also wrote messages with pics on stickies and stuck them on the wall, she was my perfect match i guess.

i havent seen her in about 3 months now :frowning:

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I bet you could e-mail her and just go out for coffee as a friend.

I’d say keep this friendship alive.

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she still texts me sometimes, like tonight she texted me and it brought all of these feelings back, i still really like her but i know nothing would ever happen bc there is a 13yr age difference and she doesnt like me in that way, i have been trying to keep in contact.

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I know how you feel daydreamer…I feel for a girl who was 18 when I was 28. It all ended acrimoniously though. If I were you, or what I would stay to myself, is I should have got someone closer to my age…like she was 18…Im embarrassed when I think about it…Id advise myself in future not to go for looks and try to respect a girl for more than her pretty face…

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I can relate coz a past flame is texting me again. She’ll go to where the support is at. She’s not married? You got to accept the reality of the situation. She chose her BF over you for a reason your age right? Hilarious how if you had a good paying job, for the money, she’d probably go to you. Just saying. My old flame has two kids her ex is a dick. And now she is texting me probably because she needs a man in her life. Age is bull its all about health. Hit the gym and get a healthy bod and I guaranteed 100% without a doubt. She will become attracted instead of just this ‘friends’ bs.

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Romeo and Juliet …

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she phoned me today but i was driving and she got cut off, she said she’d applied for another college and i think she wanted to know if i was doing the same lol, i still need to phone her back but idk if i want to do another course.



Stay in touch! I stay in touch with an old pal of mine who is in a university in Orleans, France, we go pretty far back and chat on fb. It’s good to keep in touch, I enjoy the conversations I have with him. He’s literally a genius (150 IQ) and he is also schizotypal, so we have a lot in common. His unusual perception of the world is interesting to me, it’s sometimes hard to grasp, but he is rational so I eventually understand his points.

You never know what people are doing and how they are unless you communicate! People change, too.

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