It's been a long time since this happened

There’s a girl in my apartment complex. I know where she lives but I never actually met her until she backed her van into my car in our driveway a few months ago. There was no damage so we didn’t call our insurance companies. But she was friendly and we talked a little and it sounded like she wanted to be friends. I kind of backed off because I wasn’t looking for a friend, even though she’s kind of cute. So I see her now and then and I say “hi”. In fact she saw me walking my sisters dog when she was sitting on her porch and she walked over to talk with me. She said I looked “cute” walking a dog. I ran into her again tonight and once again she was friendly.And once again she said I was cute AND cool. Not an opinion shared by most girls I run into. I like her. But she’s 43 years old, ten years younger then me. But I am debating whether to pursue her or just keep it strictly on a "hello’ basis only. I don’t even know what course it would take if I committed myself to being a friend. I like being called cute and cool!!! I know most guy reading this are thinking, “Man, go for it”, but I don’t know.


I’m a woman and I’m saying Go for it!
I’m (ten?) years younger than C. I think that once you hit 18 (I would say older, but if you are allowed to do things like vote, get married, and join the army you are an adult whether you want to be or not) age is just a number. (To reinforce, I am NOT talking about 15 year olds with 30 year olds!)
Take it slow. Be honest. Just because you two might like each other don’t rush into anything. I’m not really sure what sort of relationship rituals men do (which might be why I have been caught of guard so many times. I am better at flirting now, but not the rituals. I know girls bring food, or heck even just smile or something. No clue what guys do.)
Does she have any kids?

No kids that I know of.

Any guy in her life?

I see people visiting her.

I would say be a closer friend. Do stuff with her, get to know her. There is no harm in getting to know her, ply her with your good cooking, and Invite her on one of your walks maybe.

You never know if you don’t at least open the door. The worst that could happen is you end up “Just Friends” because she does sound nice.

If you end up as something more? Well, if that is what you want, there is no harm in trying. I hope you get to talk with her more.


Don’t let the 10 year age difference interfere. My husband is 58 and I’m 42 so 16 years.

kidsis is right :smile:


I have a friend who is 11 years younger than me. When we first met her parents wanted us to get married. There was 11 years different between her parents.
We never click that way. But we have been friends for over 30 years now.
Go for the friendship and see where it takes you.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


I wouldn’t be so suspicious of her and so cautious. Lately I have been making friends of everyone. Try being friendly. You don’t have to categorize everything into little boxes-"You’re available, You don’t want a relationship. You just want a friend"etc.,etc.) Have fantasies if you have them. Be friendly to all people. You’ll like yourself more. Age doesn’t really matter.

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she sounds really nice, i visited a female friend of mine last week and we had a good chat, she is 19 and i am almost 32 but we get on great, i know her from college and she had a baby who is cute as a button, her bf is cool about it ‘me being her friend’ and i know nothing will ever come of it but tbh i like the company of women more than i do of men and she is really nice, we just click lol,

so i think you should just be nice to her as well and see what happens

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I’d continue to be friendly. Maybe she’ll invite you in for a cup of tea. Putting the lead in her hands isn’t uncommon nowadays.

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hey, ask her out for a coffee , it is not a date nor a relationship, nor a life time commitment, just two people having coffee and hopefully a laugh.
age is completly irrelevant.
take care
p.s you have a tonne of popcorn and brownies to woo her with !?!


You make sense. Thanks. It makes me want to try it.


This video made me so sad.I used to have an online buddy (he was ten years older than me) and we talkednight and day …He LOVED Bjork. Had a real obsession about her. Then he got sick…slowly he got worse and worse…until one day hecould only write nonsense…and then silence. His brother came home and found him dead on the computer. He died while talking to me. He would have really loved this song.

Holy ■■■■!

Just goddamn!



It’s okay…you couldn’t have known…and it was nice in a way…Reminded me of him and made me feel close to him again…but sad at the same time.