Love interest

Oh man, I don’t want to be friend zoned by my love interest…

I probably sound like a sucker but whatever.

We were texting and I told her I need to make more money and she made a joke about it, and I replied “yeah I need it I haven’t got you anything for your birthday yet”

I was implying I want to buy something for her. I wanted to tell her she motivates me for work, but I guess that’s too much. But she does, a little yeah.

But she didn’t show for the first date, left flowers by her door step. Told me to give it a try again the next day. Yet she didn’t call back.

But she texted back today asking how I’m doing.

I want to get to know her more, and go on dates, but wouldn’t be annoying if I repeatedly asked her out??

Should I keep texting her and try getting to know her that way?

I know she ghosted me but something special about her. She’s beautiful.

I don’t wanna be so called “friend zoned”

Any insights to this situation will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol I didnt read this properly.

Attractive women have loads of suitors!
If she didn’t show that’s a bad sign.

Maybe message her a bit and suggest meeting again.
If she declines its time to go fishing for someone else I’m afraid.


If that’s how she’s behaving now, it’ll only get worse as time goes on I suspect.


I would wait and let her make a move. You have made your intentions clear. Overly persistence might scare her away.


I agree with @StarCrazy , and would just add that continuing texting isnt bad, just do it until you feel you cant take it anymore.


First Date I went home after waiting for two hours outside lol

Second time I think she wasn’t feeling too well. I mean I was exhausted and kinda not into it to go out either tbh. She uses opiates and live in a shelter so I wouldn’t blame her if she wasn’t feeling too well.

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I remember when I was younger their was this girl who would always flirt with me. I was totally into her. She one time walked out of the shower half naked. You know I stuck around. I would always hint I was interested in her. She was just a tease and I wasn’t the only guy. I think she was an exhibitionist and got off on attention. We were friends for years. Years later I remembered her and looked her up on Facebook. She said she didn’t remember who I was. This girl was my world; the object of a million fantasies. Luckily I moved on and found better women with time. It just goes to show you never know a persons motivation. My perception of things versus her perception. Who am I? Was her response. It’s like I got stabbed in the heart.


That is true.

Perhaps living in the shelter is so tough she doesn’t have room for dating.

Maybe if she gets her own apartment she can hang more.


I understand your point, but it’s so hard staying quiet


Honestly it sounds like she’s playing you.

She probably has a ton of issues.

I would just leave it be.

I know it sucks though. Sorry, @Abise .


I’m sorry that happened to you… that’s devastating.

But I’m glad you found a better match though


She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve met so far, I can’t just gave up that quickly… it does suck your right.

She might have a ton of issues but I don’t mind.

Or do you mean she has issues with me??

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No, I didn’t mean she has issues with you. I just meant it sounds like she has a lot going on in her life with trying to recover etc.

Keep in mind that here in America women can turn to the law if she tells you she doesn’t want to see you and you keep pursuing her.

Not trying to scare you, but it’s true.


I understand that.

I also sometimes work at her shelter so it’s a total possibility. Maybe I pressured her into texting me?

But she’s real, so I’m sure she would tell me straight up if there was a big problem.


Oh probably not. She might just be looking for a friend. It’s really hard to say without knowing her as well.

Just take things easy for a while.

Get a cat or a cute little dog. I hear that’s how a lot of men met their wives. They were just walking their dog and a woman came along to pet the dog and talk to the man. :joy:

Plus animals love unconditionally. It’s like the purest form of love. :heart:


Lol yeah I would like a cat :smiley_cat:


OMG I’m so happy for you! :smiley:

I love my kitty boy, Jimmy. He’s the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think @ZombieMombie 's philosophy in another thread applies here.
Don’t chase the…um D. Ok, maybe D doesn’t apply here but you get my point.

If you chase too hard you are either going to appear desperate, which isnt good, or scare her away altogether.

She doesnt seem to being showing much motivation in keeping your dates and appointments. It would seem to show a lack of interest in you in that way IMO, but I could be wrong. There could be other factors at play.

But what do I know? I’m single too…by choice, but single nonetheless.

Just my view of your situation.


This doesnt necessarily mean that interest can’t develop, but you need to play it cool and not send her a thousand texts a day. You don’t want to appear to be begging her for a date and you dont want to scare her off.


You could substitute P, if vulgar.