Relationships: what age difference would you consider

so im now 33, planning on going back to college when im 40. Im already entertaining thoughts of hooking up with young 18-20 year olds when I go back to school.

I would have looked down on this when I was that age, but now not so much.

btw I wouldn’t marry someone 20 years younger than me, just casual. I anticipate it would be difficult accepting young people as equals at that age.


I was a 22 year old student when I started college, and was looking at dating 18 and 19 year olds. Seemed like a big age diff at the time.

Off the cuff up to ten years age difference doesn’t even make me bat an eye. More than that might cause complications with some people, but not others. Not everyone who goes to college is fresh out of high school. I was very attracted to a woman in her thirties while I was at college, in this one particular psych class.

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18 is just creepy.


it is a little creepy, but I suppose they got to grow up sometime.

then again, I wouldn’t go looking for a good girl either.

when I was 18 the girls were more promiscuous then the boys.

Yeah, no, don’t do that.
Even 20 is a little unsettling.
But I guess if it’s just for sex, 20 would be fine.
18 is still a bit too young.

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My sister is almost 26 and her husband is 48. I think it really depends on the person some relationships last despite age differences. My sister is married but she is not in a good relationship. So it really depends on the relationship

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I dated an 8 years older man when I was 16.
That was also creepy. But not illegal.

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I have seen worst when I was in middle school a 13 year old girl was with a 27 year old man.

I don’t anticipate that i’ll be a hit as an older gent so its probably much ado about nothing. all im saying is, I could open up to the possibility.

You might be entertaining the idea of hooking up with the 18-20 year olds,

But with this attitude you present with,

what makes you think those 18-20 year olds will be intrested in a 40 year old?

Age and maturity are two very different things.
Everyone (alive) will get old, but not everyone will grow up.

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That’s really cool you’re going to go back to school sometime. I’m 21 and have always been more attracted to women in their 30s because they are usually pretty cool and interesting. I’m growing out of this though, probably because it’s a pointless endeavour thus far.

I don’t think it’s wrong to go for an age difference relationship! For extreme age differences someone once told me that it’s very selfish on both ends.

Edit: to answer the title of the thread. Realistically to date someone I would consider a long term thing with I would say ages 17/18 (because that’s legal in Canada) to 24. For casualness I guess up to age 45.

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A youger woman for me would be in her 30’s or 40’s. Don’t think I would want to hang out with a bunch of 18 years olds


yeah I mean what age are they when they go to college? community college it’s probably more 20 somethings with some older students mixed in, not really 18.

@Mountainman yeah I already hate my own age group. Always have. When I was 17 (back when I had friends haha) they were all late 20s early 30s.

How’s that snow treating ya btw?

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They keep saying were getting it, but no snow has showed up yet

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Same here.
Never cared much for hanging around my own age group.
I ve always prefered the company of folks in their late years, 70’s and up.

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5 Year difference for me…unless I struggle long term to find a decent woman then I may have to change it a bit. I haven’t been so well lately, so not really looking nowadays. I realize that most of the type of women im looking for are in their mid-20’s or younger. Not talking about personality either, just positions of life.

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yeah when I was doing the online dating I would look 27-29, so a few years younger about a 5 year difference. I wasn’t open to the idea of a woman older than me.

if I really wanted a relationship I should consider women a couple years older than me,

ill probably be single for life with the odd relationship here and there.

Mine is a 2 year difference, I’m 21.

anything between 30-36 i would prefer a younger woman maybe 5 years but i guess i wouldnt say no to a bit younger than that but then that is unrealistic, i’ve started on Bumble now and i’m waiting for a girl to message me but i doubt she will, she is 31 so the age is good and she has a nice figure.