I know God is real

He/she/whatever proves itself to me too often…I get presented with one tidbit of knowledge/information, then it is presented to me again within 5 hours…after not being presented to me for the first 25 years of my life! God has to be real. I know it… I’m not sure why yet. But God is real.

Not trying to change anyone’s belief but I believe there’s paradise after this life…whether that be blackness or some house with a field/meadow and tons of booze…we’ll see. Man, life throws coincidences everywhere. “Theres no such thing as coincidences” I’m told by people wiser than me.

ok buddy whatever you say just take your meds

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Yeah i agree. i dont have much to elaborate on but i agree on nearly everything you said.

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I tell my doctor this and he says “That’s not a delusion, as long as you don’t think that ‘you’re god’, it’s not a delusion. believing in an omnipotent god is perfectly fine”

and yes i take my meds. been on them for 17 months straight

I asked my therapist the other day, what the most extreme case he’s dealt with before. He said when he worked in a psychiatric ward, there was a violent patient who was tied up on all four limbs, and my therapist went to check on him at night in the dark, and the guy whispered “I’mmmmmmm Satannnnnnn” to him

The more science blows my mind the more I would like to meet God.

Money is God.,.,.,.,.,

Without money my life would be hell now.

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maybe im delusional but…money is great…but so is god…i put them equally important in my life…without god i commit suicide years ago…without money in my life, id be homeless and probably dead anyways

i put them equal…

You dont understand, God IS money

I used to listen to Bizzle a lot.

He created God over money movement.

You are not delusional because you believe in God.My former psychiatrist was a very strong believer and he was so good in his job. He actually helped people with a more spiritual approach.

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There is proof right in front of us every day of our lives.

And im not talking about that nonsense they make up. I mean actual proof, you flip your mind a bit like a 3-d image and you’ll see it.

The beings that put this here gave us ways to know they did.

I could never love or worship them though, in fact i hate them entirely, look what they did to us.

Maybe there are some good ones, who knows, but they aren’t the ones who made this little diddy.

Just imagine what it must be like to be God and to feel what it is like when some soul figures out for themselves that you are real.

Right now I’m undecided. There is order in the universe, and I can see some kind of hand behind its creation. I can also think of powerful arguments against God, but I don’t feel like going into them here.

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