God ain't reality

I think reality exists without God. All of the times I have thought to have spiritual connections I was told I ‘lost contact with reality’. All the times I had delusions and I thought they were God communicating to me. I had a vision of Jesus and the cross, when I was psychotic. It didn’t mean anything at all. A bunch of lore if you will.


i once saw the face of jesus in my wall paper when i was a kid. scared the living ■■■■ out of me lol.

Was it a handsome white fellow?

if so then supposedly that wasn’t him, he was ugly, jewish, and very sick with different things supposedly, “nothing that people desired” it says.

I was outside one early morning and thought “im jesus”, directly after thinking this somebody said “see, thats how we do that to people.”

this was around the time i was horribly shocked while a face made of light appeared, it had fangs and was smiling at me, it physically hurt.

And around that time i also went outside and my neighbours tree was waving around and flashing like an animation and i walked near my tree and lo and behold there was a huge freaking snake, it was very detailed although not like a physical snake, it was the entire size of the tree and was staring right at me and was very very pissed off.

my wallpaper was white with pink splattered dots. i guess my mind just joined the dots into a pattern and the face of jesus leapt out at me. if i was born into a religious family it would have been a comfort i guess but my family were aetheists so it scared me instead lol.

I’ve only ever had ONE “God” conversation in my whole life. He said he was too busy to help me (you know with war and famine and disease outbreaks) but he’d send someone down soon. My sister was born that year.

After that we haven’t talked to each other at all. We both seem cool with that.

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i reached to the end of space then it cut and god was there, huge happiness and severity of it made me cry and he told me without any voice that go and tell people which i’m love, after even 10 years of treatment with different meds and … i dont know what has it been, god or some maniac episode, in my opinion we all have somewhere in our soul which we call it god, sometimes love it and sometimes hate it but thats still there and does his work sometimes irritating us and sometimes helping us to cope life, any opinion is welcomed.

lesterwayne…Did it mean anything to you when it happened?

Refresh me please, when what happened?

When you seemed to experience God communicating to you - When you had the vision of Jesus on the cross, what did you think - This isn’t real? Or did it seem real?

I thought it was hell figuratively. How can something be real when your psychotic?

Modern day gods and religions will become myths and legends eventually


Some people have religious content within their psychosis + believe that it’s real at the time. For some it’s a good experience, I think.

Some say “we don’t believe–we fear.” I believe in love.

The most prolific sense that gawds exists is due to our mortality. Mortality makes everything and everyone temporary. The gawd abstract is there because people wanna carry on where others left off. They want there to be an immortal construct to the existence of mankind. A memory.

Its quite selfish, actually. And nihilistic. This is why tyrants and zealots, though they claim to be journeying for everyone, wind up only doing things only for themselves.

But if you’re asking the question: Can a gawd exist without those ill fated virtues of tyrants and Jacobites, the answer is yes. Most certainly… History doesn’t negate the possibility. It only warns of the possibility in the presence of mankind. Bad things don’t disprove philosophies.

I think that religion and schizophrenia can be a bad mix. In a bitter yet pragmatic and scientific tone, religious beliefs are uncannily similar to psychotic delusions. I remember the demeanor of the holy people, brothers and priests from my catholic upbringing, and they all reeked of schizotypal personality disorder, now that I know what that is.

I just hate to hear when schizophrenics start to enjoy their symptoms because they are in a religious context…like Joan of Arc. She was obviously schizophrenic.

It often happens that people become non-compliant with treatment because their hallucinations and delusions are religious. That’s bad. Anything that causes non-compliance is bad.

But religion is just fine as long as you don’t think you’re a holy entity or hear the voices of angels/god/demons/jesus/buddha/spongebob squarepants.

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Well I don’t hear god or angels but I do hear sponge bob lol

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