Is God real?

Ahhhhh gotcha!

It’s a trick question!

The answer isn’t yes or no!

The only correct answer is “i don’t give a ■■■■! Look at this hell hole! What are we going to do to get out of here exactly! And seriously, we have to stop blowing off eachother’s heads in explosions already!”

See, it’s a trick question, because who gives a ■■■■, if he is real then there he is, not really helping him being real or not!

Sorry, just freaking out a little because of that guy i saw getting his entire head removed from his body by an explosion, like holy ■■■■ why are we still here at all, im not having children they’ll probably get their heads blown off!

So, anyway, is God real?

Friedrich Nietzsche
“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him".

The quote goes on but it’s a little graphic and I didn’t want to upset anybody.


He or She may exist, I do not obsess about it - I’m Agnostic

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I say no, and if he is im gonna kick him in the balls before talking to him. He’s got some explaining to do. He made me bisexual and schizophrenic, ruined my hopes and dreams of being a military officer and made me the last of my family tree, and today he made me wake up psychotic at 4am.

But im just kidding im an atheist. Is Thor real? Now that is the question!

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It all that you make of it god some say he is the earth some say the sky or the darkmatter in space. I say he is the body the unerverse is in. To big to speek to us.


Or Zeus!!..

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I like to break it down like this:
All life is essentially robotic. At a cellular level life is just a bunch of proteins carrying out tasks via cause and effect. Basically cells are large communities of nanobots (yes that means we are all robots). So the essence of life is really cause and effect.

The whole universe is based on cause and effect. Everything exists because of cause and effect and it actively governs every action in the universe, 2 important roles of a god in my opinion. So by this view, God is not a being, but a principle.

i have made my own deity, it is called ’ snuggly bear '.
" ALL HAIL SNUGGLY BEAR !?! giver of snuggles and cookies…mmmmmmmm…cookies "
take care

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God loves cookies, or he wouldn’t have made them so tasty.


i think so, i was looking at a scab that i got late last week that’s completely healed already and i was thinking that the human body is amazing. and for that i think we have a creator. i hear the voice of Jesus but i don’t believe that is real.

i honestly don’t know. is it something we as humans invented to explain where we came from? hence the story of adam and eve? do we need a benevolent patriarchal figure to believe in once we have outgrown our parents? if there is a god i don’t feel that he or she is benevolent. i find it also interesting that it’s a he and not a she when women were second class citizens when the bible was written. also look at all the different religions…we can’t all b right and if i was born in saudi arabia i would b a muslim, born in the west i would b a christian or catholic or scientologist, born in asia, a hindu or seikh or whatever they practice in that part of the world, so which religion is the “right” one? which god reigns supreme? i don’t know…all i do know is i don’t believe in any god or gods. yes the universe is an amazing place, yes the human body is an amazing machine but were we created or is that just our lack of knowledge showing? i have no idea tbh. i’m not gonna believe because i’m too scared not to just incase i don’t go to heaven…in the bible at the time of after judgement day, it says, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb and both shall eat grass…hmmm think that’s ever gonna happen? i don’t. so no i think the bible was written in a time of virtually no education so it was easy to believe in a god or gods and that we were created as opposed to evolved. personally i think that believing in a benevolent god that looks down upon us is wishful but backward thinking. i for one don’t believe i’m afraid so the lion in my book will never lay down with the lamb and eat grass! that’s my two pennies worth anyway.

Think about it in the deist manner: God made everything then just let us run free. I can imagine what he was saying/thinking.


(during the Victorian era in England) What? Really? You she isn’t supposed to enjoy sex, but if a doctor gives her an orgasm, that’s therapy??? I know I gave you brains, I just know I did. Maybe it was all that inbreeding.


(Post WWII) I give up, I can’t watch any more. I got a pool going with the holy spirit that the next world war takes less than 100 years. You in Jesus?

I’m sure he has been upset more than this, but I think this proves my point.

Though no, I don’t believe in God. I acknowledge the possibility of a deist God, but not a huggy lovey miracle making God.

Why does it matter if god is real? Whatever you believe that gets you through the day is real enough for me.


I believe in God but its sometimes really difficult to understand Him

Is a paradox like those logic things Logics within the rules and a creator is outside our current rules or rules I know but it would be cool if he existed within the rules of physics or universe or whatever but the will of the world universe is the will of god if gods omniscient or ompowerdul I’d prefer not being crazy but the rules are what allows us to exist from my perspective gravity made stuff touch and other stuff probably I think made em interact cool summer those dots say it was that for me I wouldn’t no someone knew that or was gonna post that so what’s that say like a fluid mosaic or something rules keeps stuff righteous I think dunno what’s a fluid mosaic balanced though I think u no what b cool if it was like Constantine were just an ant box and it’s a fluid mosaic or watever of universes touching eachother balanced some how and he can somehow watch it can that say something about his power though is there an equivalent I don’t. No anything and are the rules even right or just fit and it also says something like us say that so people are just me does the when matter if they know my dots do I know there dots 2 kinda is it predicty aiming weird thought inserting same dots

It’s possible that thor is real yes.

We even named thursday after him.

Like pan, could just be another one of their appearances.

The rulers of the world worship thor, think they are doing a good job?

Robots yes, learning robots yes.

So, question is how do you create loving and knowledgeable robots who want and understand the right things?

Find some aliens. Humans are too flawed to create something like that.

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If we forget about God or the idea of a creator, it takes away the mystery of humanity and the question of why we’re here. We’ll stop asking questions and people will think there’s no reason to continue exploring the past or future. God is essential to me.

Is there such a being as a God, would probably be the appropriate question.

“Is God” immediately implies that there is a “God” that is now being discussed as the topic.

Thus the question becomes, “Is God” who is thus real, “Real?”, does not make a heck of a lot of sense.

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