I just heard someone

I just heard someone open my front door and then the floor creaked like someone was walking to the kitchen. I was in the bedroom playing in the bed with the kid and I was terrified. I didn’t know if I was just hearing things or if Mr LED had forgotten to lock the door after lunch.

The door was locked, luckily. I was just hearing things. But holy ■■■■ my heart stopped.


Sorry that happened,

Sounds terrifying.

I’d be freaking out if I heard the same thing,

I’m happy your safe and it was just a weird hallucination.


This has happened to me before.
Especially at night.
I’m sorry that you had to go through this @LED.


Usually I hear it and don’t think much of it because I know I locked the door. But today I didn’t know if it was locked it not. Never again!

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Glad you and your kid are okay @LED. That sounds very unnerving to say the least.


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