I hope I’m not hearing things

I was sitting on my couch in the TV room.

All of a sudden heard this strange sound coming from the direction of the kitchen.

It kind of sounded like a human voice, it was loud.

Almost like a moaning sound, it was loud.

It wasn’t the tv and it couldn’t have been my father, he is sleeping far off in his bedroom with the door shut.

This was a loud sound and it spooked the crap out of me!

I don’t usually suffer with auditory hallucinations.

I’m still shaken up.

What the ■■■■ was that?

Honestly it sounded human.
It wasn’t my father, I’m sure of this.

WTF I’m still rattled!

Hopefully you’re not hearing things. It’s not a ghost. If it continues, call your pdoc

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Yes I swear it kind of sounded human but not completely.

I do believe in ghosts.

My Mom passed away in the house in 2019.

Or maybe it was a auditory hallucination and I’m wondering if I should tell my pdoc?

Do you think I should mention it to my pdoc @CoCo?
I see her today.

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Yes. Let her know today just in case

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Probably just the refrigerator or freezer making noise.

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Can “voices” scare the living daylights out of you?

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No I don’t think it was the fridge.
It’s a new fridge.

This sounded “human”

It wasn’t coming from that direction anyway.

Yes. But over time people get more used to it. It’s never pleasant unless you have nice voices. But it’s livable

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Thanks @CoCo ill mention it to my doctor.

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i hope they dont exist.

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yea mention it to your doc… it’s weird that you never had it and now start having it.


I’ve had auditory hallucinations in the past, especially while I was on Abilify.
But not that often that’s all.

I usually get visual hallucinations.

But yeah today was different.

yea it’s weird that it suddenly starts happening now… did you hear it more times since then or just the one occasion?

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Yeah I’m not hearing anything else.
Just that one time earlier.

Maybe I won’t mention it to my pdoc.

Don’t feel like taking more meds.


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