Someone in the house

I was in the basement yesterday. We just have a sliding door seperating the two floors with a 3/4 inch gap from the bottom of the door to the floor. When i was in the basement i looked at this door and saw feet shuffling about behind the door. It moved to the right and that was the end of it. I literally was like “oh cool hallucination yay”. Then continued watching tv.

But today im worried that theres someone in the house. To be fair i always feel this way. But im too chicken ■■■■ to check the house. I checked the upstairs and am staying up here, but i aint going down there again…

Even if it is a hallucination im worried that this fear will cause sleep paralysis with hallucinations of this entity. Ive had an entity stand over me with a knife in its hand while shaking me before. They are not fun…!

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