I just got officially diagnosed today, how did it feel for you when you did

I just got officially diagnosed today with Schizophrenia, I am pretty anxious and uneasy with it and how it might impact my life later. But I was wondering how you guys felt when you got diagnosed with whatever you have, and if I should feel better about it.

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Unfortunately, I feel awful and humiliated by it. Hopefully someone here has a better attitude towards it than me

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I felt relief that there was something clinically wrong with me instead of being actually plagued by demons.


When I was diagnosed, it was nothing surprising to me. I actually didn’t agree with the diagnosis, and I wasn’t on medication for a fair while. One of my parents has schizophrenia, so it was hardly surprising.

I was relieved too.

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are you on meds? yet?

It brought some clarity in the confusion. I think confusion is one of the worst parts of sz.

I thought my doctor was high. Took me about 6 years to figure out he was right.

I owe that guy an apology. He was dead on.


Yes I’ve been on meds since august. Couldn’t have made it without them.

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I had mixed feelings on being told my schizophrenia diagnosis. On the one hand, I was relieved to learn that my problems weren’t my fault, but were caused by an illness. On the other hand, I didn’t want to hear that I had a severe mental illness which was incurable.

It was in about 2002. The police told me. I was homeless in a “pseudo-teletransmission mind” delusion. It was classic and extreme sz. They made me see the psychs on a regular basis.

I was in denial and ashamed of being “crazy.” I didn’t really know what it was. I really didn’t even know what psychology was…obviously. LOL

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You’re only one individual in billions who are also “crazy”. Apparently most don’t know it

That’s in 2002 not now. Hehe

I have pretty mild sz, but still delusions suck

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I diagnosed myself a year before they did. Schizophrenia didn’t sound that bad on wikipedia. Once I started realizing how awful schizophrenia was, I started telling the doctors about my hallucinations and they diagnosed me.

I’ve cried about it in mourning plenty of times, I was a straight A student and a great writer. I’m not that way anymore. I promised myself I’d write something out here and I’m gonna try but it’s not easy like it used to be.

I have to accept it and not cry about it anymore, but every couple months or or so I just bawl because of it.


It’s easy enough to figure out if you remember that minds are information, and you learn what the rules of information is. I got big results from that.

Here’s the thread I posted immediately after being diagnosed.

Nowadays, it’s a source of pride for me. I wear my schizophrenia pride shirt like a badge of honor, and I’ve made it my mission in life to be a sort of ambassador to the neurotypicals. I am a very non threatening face to put to this illness, so I tell anyone and everyone that I’m a schizophrenic.


In a lot of ways I had no idea as I was still coming off of psychosis with all the symptoms. When I got my head together though it really was a good process. Well the beginnings of starting to live with way less paranoia. Looking back on it I feel so glad it all happened as it was when I really started living!

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I’m sorry @John_Raven. It means you have had hard days behind you, and you will have hard days ahead of you.

I felt good and bad when I was diagnosed. I felt relieved to have answers and a lot was explained, but I felt sad because I knew it meant lifelong struggle.

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The fact that you’re aware of what’s occurring is a good sign. When I was diagnosed, no way I could string two sentences together that made sense. Today, I work part time and am off disability. I’m sure your prognosis is better than mine was, good chance your outlook is better.