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What and how did you feel the first time you were diagnosed if you can remember. I just want some peace of mind please. How scared were u and did u have panic attacks etc.


I was never worried about my diagnosis moreover I was worried about the things going on in my head


I was hoping for a mental illness that time as an excuse for my family violence.

I was diagnosed and never regret it until today.

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I wasn’t worried about diagnosis either. I said schizowhatever, instead of schizoaffective. If they told me I was bipolar or schizophrenic I would’ve taken it more seriously. I had no clue what that diagnosis meant. It was confusing times. I didn’t think anything was wrong with me tho. I was too psychotic to know something was wrong

I might still be in denial if it weren’t for hearing voices at one point in my life. That was after diagnosis. It made me realize there was something wrong and I took great strides to recovery after I realized “hearing voices is surreal!” I haven’t had much external stimuli since, so I consider the voices a blessing in disguise.


When I was first diagnosed I didn’t accept it. I thought everyone was out to get me because I thought I was God which meant I was being forced on medication to stop me from being a ruler. I didn’t really accept it until a couple years ago (about 10 years after diagnosis) when I started researching schizophrenia online. The meds didn’t give me insight, only knowledge about what I was diagnosed with gave me insight. No one really explained what was happening with me and I never asked my pdoc questions. That’s one thing I really regret is not researching what schizophrenia was until recently. I always thought it was a cover for what was really happening with me, but it wasn’t, it’s just who I am.


I can relate to your post a lot!

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I’m just worried I’m hating aps. Have been diagnosed recently. I feel so depressed nervous anxious and my head space is just bad. I feel stuck like this. I’m so tired of feeling nervous.

It sux I hate it and aps

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I’ve been on and off anti-depressants for similar symptoms. They seem to help with being tired and anxiety. Although they have their own side effects.

meh… before I lost my ■■■■ bad… I had guessed brain tumor or sz… was relieved when they said the latter…


I feel despaaaaaaair

I’m going on a mood stabilizer on Monday. I just hope I can make it to then


i didn’t believe it. so i pretended like i didn’t have an mi and I made mistakes.

You can do it! One day at a time

I didn’t believe it. I was consumed by my elaborate delusional schema. I even wrote letters to an old professor telling him it was nothing short of a lie.

I had already suspected I had schizophrenia before getting diagnosed. To be honest, I was just relieved there was a name for what was wrong with me, and there was a treatment plan. I did worry that I would one day become uncontrollably violent, but my doctor was able to ease my mind about that.

I was kind of nervous before I got my first diagnosis. but when I got it I was like,“oh there’s a name for it”

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I was a mess when i was first diagnosed. I wanted nothing to do with the doctors or medication. I thought i was going to get worse from meds. I believed aliens were behind my symptoms. Working their experiments on me. A voice told me medication would make me worse. I tried battling it on my own for 3 or 4 years and finally got to the point where i felt i had nothing to lose in trying medication. I just wanted the torture to stop. Meds helped quiet down my symptoms but didn’t totally get rid of them. It’s better than without. I am currently off my meds for about 3 weeks because i have an issue with my insurance. I am trying to settle it so i can get back on my meds before i totally lose it again.

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I was psychotic when I was diagnosed so it didn’t mean anything to me. I just kept taking the pills in the hope that they would make all the bad stuff disappear. And they did, and I keep taking them to keep the bad stuff gone.

With time you’ll learn it’s not the worst thing to be told by a doctor. And the pills will help, you have to give them time though. Patience is key to recovery for you.

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Sat on my bass amp and felt a physical change.from then on voices whole nine yards of â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– . Got diagnosed as paranoid sz. Still going.

I was pretty frightened. Yeah, I just couldn’t believe I was schizophrenic. I am still struggling with this.