Going out in public. A hint

I’ll tell you all that do not go out as much as you want to or need to: There are A LOT of strange looking people walking around. Weird looking. And as Jayster pointed out a while ago people act strange in public. What he said was true, if I go out a lot I see so-called 'normal people behaving in ways that I do, in ways that I think stand out and make me shy about going out in public. My point is, you MAY not have to be afraid to go to the store or eat in a restaurant. Keep a low profile. You guys can blend in. Dress neatly, be clean, have a good haircut, and the world is your oyster. People will not give you a second glance. It’s called freedom. Like tonight was a prime example. I took a walk to the drugstore just to get out of the house. It was semi-busy. But I didn’t see anyone who looked normal. A lot of you wouldn’t stand out. And don’t feel guilty about hiding your disease. It’s nobodies business. If you are open about it and it works for you, more power to you. But other ‘normal’ people are shy, they get nervous, they have fear. They don’t all make small talk, they say stupid lame things in public in a line in a store. they act cooler and happier, and more self-confident than they realy are. Not everybody in public is good looking. Not everybody is thin. There are plenty of people in public who do not what they are doing. And excuse me if I say that there are a a number of people walking around who have their head up their ass. Some people do not have a clue as to what they are doing. I hope this helps someone.


I agree. I agree. I agree - enough letters.

I’m glad that you were able to think like that, after all; all people are the same, they eat, make ■■■■, do stupid things, and sleep.

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yeah, thats a good way to think, my friend has social phobia and i did too at one point but now we are able to blend in and go about unseen in a crowd, its actually a lot more awkward/stressful when you are with a few strangers than with many.

I won’t change my appearance just to blend in with other so called ‘normal’ folks. I like to dress very casual. Baseball style caps t shirts and jeans, and when its cold outside, maybe a hooded sweatshirt or very casual non formal jacket.
This is who I am. I will not change my looks just to blend in with others. I judge people by their actions and behaviors.
I am always respectful towards others, saying thank you - your welcome etc. It’s a bit passive maybe, but it’s who I am in public. But you are right Nick, we are all basically the same. We are all humans mentally ill or normal. Im not polished or refined visually, but at least I am true to myself.

Yes, I see your point. You would blend in, in my neighborhood. I guess, I’m saying for me it helps if I am neat in appearance. Shaven, hair combed, no holes in clothes or shoes. I don’t get dressed up a lot. I usually wear jeans and a tee-shirt too. Sometimes a causal short-sleeved button down shirt.

Nick what I was trying to say, but probably missed the mark, was I really don’t care how I appear to others. I don’t blend in with many of the individuals in my parents area - but so what, I am not going to change my style of clothing or appearance just to make things easier for them or myself. I like to dress casually, some would say too casual. I have many tattoos and my ear is pierced twice - I am not going to cover up or change who I am to please others. But on the other hand, I do see your point. I have been dressing a bit more formal and tidy when the occasion fits. We live in a very visual based society, looks matter the most for many of us. I personally don’t judge on looks alone, but because I am human, looks matter to me as well.

I was just pondering…
As many know, I work with parks dept. and I get sent to a lot of different parks in the city on a weekly basis. Rainer Beach area is low income and there are a lot of people there struggling. There are more food banks and needle exchanges there then in other zip codes in the city and so many people dress really nice. So many people have their hair just so and new shoes. They really make an effort to appear pulled together.

Magnolia hill is the most high income zip in the city and they all dress like they stepped out of a homeless shelter. Funny old world…

I have the problem of standing out in public- my entire wardrobe is a combination of red white and black (symbolizes honor in japanese culture) and I am muscular, bulky. I just take it as a good thing, girls seem to be impressed with my appearance. I got a few girls numbers this semester and dated one of them.

I feel it’s natural to have a social phobia in today’s world. It’s a conformist world, so a man who desires freedom of expression should feel “uncomfortable”. This anxiety is confused with fear. It’s not that you’re afraid; it’s that you know those around you are constantly judging you based on meaningless standards and expectations. We’re taught that our teeth have to be white, our hair has to be neat, our clothes have to be clean, our posture should be straight, and our speech must be like everyone else’s. In other words, a human is an actor when he’s in public. It’s only those who are comfortable with “going with the flow”, and acting that have what’s known as “confidence”.

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