I hope i have done the right thing

a while ago i said to my mum that i would take the family dog so my mum could get a guide dog, it seemed like the right thing to do but i am a bit worried that i wouldn’t be able to take care of it properly, i mean i’d try my best but there isn’t a lot of places for it to poop and then i’d have to lift it and take her for walks, the walks would be ok but its just the poop i have a problem with.

When I had a dog I quickly got used to the poop picking up. Suppose it is like changing a babies nappy - when it’s your own kid you don’t mind too much.

Would it be possible to take the dog on a trial run? I think guidedogs can take a while to get organised anyway.


yeah but she has kind of put herself down to get one now and her heart is set on it,

she was asking me how’d i’d take care of her dog and i just said i’d take it out at about 10am for a while and then at about 6pm but i’d take her to the park in the car and stuff too, i said it would be just like retirement for the dog, but i fear it wont be as simple as that.

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What kind of dog is it and what age?

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i think its about 9 and its a collie and mum said she would have to wait a few years until she get a guide dog.

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picking up poop for your dog isn’t a burden. you should step up and take the dog since you got your mom’s heart set on it.

Not sure what to do. I’m sure you could do the job but it is a big responsibility. But I suppose if your mum needs a guide dog that takes precedence.

My advice would be to think on it for a few days.


I’d like to have a dog right now. A golden retriever or a siberian husky, or a collie. They’re great dogs.


i know, i want it to work, just my neighbours might object if it poops somewhere they dont like, i live in a flat with communal gardens and the neighbours like to keep the garden nice, my mums dog is use to getting out early in the morning and poops in the same place all the time, so worried about the adjustment for the dog bc i dont want poop in my flat or wee,

i’ve been thinking on it a long time and all i can think of is not whether i can cope but my mum getting the guide dog bc it would help her a lot

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yeah, I say do it. good for you man…stick to your word after you get the dog and be diligent about taking him outside as much as he wants and get him used to you saying the outside word enough to him that he learns the outside word and will bark to go outside then. communication is very important…good luck.

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the worst situations in my life happened under pressure, methinketh. I would slowly find a clever way to disengage.

don’t lie and say you’re allergic to it. but make a very clever excuse or something.

being openly honest about your inability wouldn’t be a cool idea though

i cant do that, she really needs a proper guide dog now as her eye sight is getting worse, it would actually be a dual sensory dog hearing/seeing dog, i have to at least try. and i do love the dog.


mmmkay. but be careful regardless. we have MI…

thanks, its a big change for me and thats the problem, will i cope, i feel like i can but i am worried i’m taking on too much, i will try my best but i have a lot of reservations, dont want to let my mum down either.