I thought i was having a bad day until

my sister in law has an irish wolf hound puppy which is about the size of a small car ( slight exaggeration there !).
unknown to her it had a tummy upset, the dog farted spraying smelly gas and diarrhea over the blue and white leather ottoman and the remnants reaching the white leather sofa and bookcase…mmmmmm…all this while she was trying to get the kids ready for school !!
nearly gagging she clears up said mess.
triumphantly she walks out the front door and slips on her old senile other dogs ■■■■ in door way…that was her morning…lucky her…it could only get better from here !
take care
she helped me have a better day…thank you sister in law !!


Oh. That made me remember my dog having an upset stomach. I kept him in the bathroom because it was easy to clean up. We lived on 4th floor in a flat. I tried to go out with him but he pooed in the elevator. :confused:

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thats why i dont have a dog lol, my mum is worrying me tho as she posted something about puppies on facebook last night and i am worried she might be thinking about getting a third :frowning:

she can hardly see nevermind take a dog out and my dad cant help much either :frowning: she’ll be falling over them and they will be pulling her about and running rings around her ‘its mental’
idk how she does everything she does, its pretty amazing but another dog :dog: :shit: