Might be getting a dog

my mum is letting me take her dog for a couple of days and she has said that she is kind of starting to struggle with here bc of her problems- poor eye sight, anxiety etc and also the dog pulls a bit on the leash as well,

so i have taken the dog over to my place ‘which is dog friendly’ i.e. no busy roads and plenty of open ground nearby and she loved it, just a bit worried that she might poop on my new carpet but i dont think she will, she’s a nice dog lol.

just dont know if i can take care of a dog just now but i might have to get use to it, depending on how my mum feels.


Oh it’s nice to have a dog
I used to walk some lovely dogs for charity

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i wish i could get a dog nappy for her lol

She may end up being your best friend! :dog:

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I agree with daydreamer. My cat is my best friend. There are no better best friends than our beloved cats, dogs, horses or whatever non-human person you are sharing your life!

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Dogs are great to have. My favorite just jumped up on the bed to see what his ‘bud’ was doing… He’s my shadow.

Dogs can be trained and carpets can be cleaned, but ‘best buds’ are hard to find.

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I am sorry, bridgecomet. You’re one that posted that. Please forgive me. I had some temporary eye/reading/computer screen issues.

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If it’s a puppy or an older dog it needs to go out more often to do its business. Big dogs lay around a lot and small dogs curl into a ball if it’s scratching a lot needs more water. Girl dogs will fight on a walk or in neighborhood. All dogs need vigorous play and some want other dogs so accommodate.

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trouble with pippy is she does the same thing whether she wants to play or needs the toilet lol,

she just woke me up at 4.15am and idk whether she wants out for a poo or just for exercise,

she has a dry nose though idk if that means anything, now she is sleeping again so cant be that bad.

i’ve known her all my life, she is already like a bestie, just my mum is struggling a bit as she cant see the ball anymore to throw it for the dog bc of poor eyesight and she pulls a bit on the leash (which i am trying to discourage with biscuit therapy) lol.

my mum has a lot on her plate just now to be honest and she is thinking about getting a proper guide dog so my fingers are crossed for her.

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