I'm getting my mums elderly dog

A few years ago i proposed to my mum that i would watch her pet dog if she applied for a guide dog, i figured it was a good idea bc it takes a few years to get a guide dog.

Well my mum is getting a guide dog now and i’m getting her pet dog which is great, i love her dog as i grew up with her ‘but’ and its a big but, she has arthritis and is getting slow :frowning: and i fear she will not be able to get up and down my stairs soon :frowning:

I have to do it though but it will be hard if she is going to deteriorate :frowning:

sorry if this is upsetting but its been on my mind

Do you have any way of acquiring a harness for her that supports her hips to where you could help support her up the steps?


thats a good idea, i will look out for one,

its just going to be hard bc i know she hasnt got long left, it will be hard

@Resilient1 It’s very kind and compassionate of you to take care of your mom’s elderly dog.

How heavy is the dog? Could you carry the dog up and down the stairs to your apartment if she eventually as mobility difficulties due to age?

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What happened to the other dog you adopted?

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I thought you lived in the U.K., not Arkansas.


thanks moonbeam, it was more that she could get a proper guide dog which will enable her to become a bit more independent going out, she cant have a domestic dog living with a working guide dog.

she is about 25kg i think i could help lift her but she is heavy, i hope she doesnt fall and hurt herself,

goldenrex I gave the little dog i had last month back to its owner, they had a change of circumstances and it had health issues, so i took him to the vet and they gave him steroids and i gave him back.

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That’s good of you; I went through this and it changed me for the better, a close second to developing schizophrenia.

For me the commitment was 10 months but it was touching. And I’m more compassionate significantly.

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