I hit it off with a stranger yesterday

This redhead chick was smoking a cig at the hospital she was in patient. I was just seeing my pdoc. Well I went and hit my vape out in the smoke area and she started talking to me. So I engaged in convo and we talked for fifteen minutes until someone else came over. I left and she didn’t even say bye. But she was like my dream girl she was so nice and humble and red hair and we hit it off. Oh well. Probably not right to mess with girls so early in recovery and in patient. Maybe I’ll see her again but damn we really had a connection for a little bit.


I think you like all girls. Me too

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I have a special place in my heart for redheads but yes I like all kinds of girls :crazy_face::yum::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:

I usually don’t have a “type” other than tall redheads !!! Or latinas.

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I noticed from your past posts. You talk about girls a lot

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Once I hooked up with this middle eastern girl. She was literally 7 inches taller than me. She was over six foot. Omg she was hot she really rocked my world :earth_americas: lol. Like drake said. She was the best I ever hadddd. Usually I last about an hour during sex or didn’t finish at all but with her it was like five minutes lol she thought I was cool :sunglasses:. But she moved to Thailand :thailand:!!


I like girls too cuz i am straight…!!


I will marry a girl 5’7 or up. I’m 5’6. It has nothing to do with anything other than I like tall girls better than shorter girls.


Sex is the ultimate cure

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I’m sooo horny since getting sober not gonna lie. I’m on tinder and Pof all day long!!! All these stupid bots asking to have secks. Where’s the real girls at?!?!?!


You should actually aim to develop a lifestyle that has that happen a few times a week.

Girls are put off by the immediate imbalance in the weight of things… they’re just people… they don’t really crave feeling that stellar. You would be one man out of a long line of men who would seek to flatter them in full and immediately start considering them the only one… A women recognizes that and only sees obligation. She doesn’t want to have to think you are the most special one in response… but if she doesn’t then the man will fall to distrust and dissatisfaction.

Man is more inclined to try and enhance the sense of self he has in his alone time… bringing in a supportive strut so he can feel consistent enough to start to stand taller.

In the end women aren’t any better… but they are better at embracing the world as it is and not taking everything so personally… Learn to appreciate how they think… take to it as uncovering the additional tenants that a man should incorporate into his respect if he seeks to have women in his life. One should not gain the company of a woman if he cannot respect her thoughts and feelings.


I think a lot has to do with she was possibly mentally ill and also a heroin addict. She seemed crazy a little. She only had 30 something days off heroin. Maybe I said something wrong, maybe she was playing hard to get, maybe she knew it would never work right now and maybe a lot of other things and combinations of things. But yeah today I feel as if I can approach any girl. My self asteem is at an all time high and I was looking for a girl smoking a cig outside this doctors office to talk to but there were none. I feel I am an extrovert at heart but marijuana drugs and mental illness my whole life has made me an introvert. My true extrovert self is starting to be revealed now. Honest to god I feel like a trillion bucks.

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You’re using prejudice to pin point success… You should be focusing more on what she was enjoying and seeing if actually generate that with the most cut throat honest.

Girls will let moments entertain them… it is a good sign… but about 90% of that is them just trying to be nice or not feel awkward. There is no way to move forward with any guarantee… Learn to operate without hope or reassurance.

I’m just tossing to you the things I have to remind myself of…

Life is a field… not a timeline… Girls are always just wanting to play in the field… They get that sense of entrapment when someone comes selling a timeline story about some unlikely future.

Bondage is formed in the moment… compatibility makes that moment indefinite and lasting… while compatibility can be faked… the truth reveals itself in time.

You’re a good man… you are looking for a girl to settle in with… The paradox there is that girls who are looking to settle, likely already have…

Also remember… all improbabilities become inevitabilities so long as one maintains the will to keep rolling the dice.

I mean I hit it off with a surprisingly high caliber girl earlier this week… I honestly don’t know how I wound up talking to her… Like what made me decide to try. I didn’t know ■■■■ about it all all… What let me do so was that I was just having a good morning where I had shut the greater needs of life out of my mind… was merely out to mingle with friends.

On that note… her and I’s conversation did end with that established pretense of talking again… but will I ever actually? You know… It’s crap shot in the dark… not good grounds to obsess around (though I still sort of do.)

Anywho… what made it work was just embracing the life I already have… coming to know why enjoy it until it overtook me… girls really really like that vibe… I think it stems from all the risk and potential discomforts they are basically guaranteed to know if they commit to anything.

If a man can learn anything that helps him keep a woman… I think those thoughts should be centered around being the one who sets them free. A man should be comforted by the fact that it is a rare power to be able to do so… and experience only proves that. In having that capacity the man then can have his say in who he sets free.

I mean if a woman wants a man… she’s bound to be disgruntled by any of them who don’t truly enjoy her being herself. Even to the extent of polygamistic embrace in some cases… I’ve seen it in their eyes… the girls will always want to look at other men as if they are some variety of candy.

Jeeze I heard my mom and sis talking about all the guys on TV… got a weird pervy implication… but that pervy element in them doesn’t seem to drive real desire… remote appreciation seems to fair well enough.

I definitely set her free. When the guy came over to talk to her I didn’t act jealous I just hit my e-cig for an extra 2 minutes then walked away. I half turned but made it seem unobvious to give her a chance to say “goodbye” but she didn’t. I could have said “well it was nice talking to you” but seemed she didn’t wanna hear that. I will never see this girl again I don’t think. Maybe…who knows. She wasn’t all that pretty but she was thin and had a great personality. She had acne kinda bad but she was confident. Her hair was RED not like ginger red but dyed red. Not sure her natural haircolor. We talked about everything from e-cigarettes to sobriety to our doctor to other things. She was just very easy to talk to. I feel if she didn’t like me she would’ve said goodbye. The fact she liked me she didn’t wanna say goodbye.

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tinder sucks, not even the bots want me haha,

my bestie is 23 and she is really beautiful, i wish she saw me as more than just a friend, she said i was like an uncle :confused:

I need someone :confused:

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What are “bots” I’m curious to know

whats ‘‘hit it off’’ mean

girls on these dating sites who ask you to have sex, then they ask for a credit card and steal ur money. Its easy to know but sometimes I play along just in case shes not a bot even though its a 110% chance it is lol.

it means you just have a great connection and im not sure how else to explain

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ah I see, like good vibes

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