I want to have a girl friend

I am average looking dude…i never had a girl friend …and never had a sex im my life…do u think i can impress beautiful ladies… motivate me guys…


I believe the right girl is out there. You’re a good-looking, sweet, respectful guy. You’ll find someone.


Thanks for warm words ninjastar…its cold out here
…why arent u still sleeping …!!!

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I’m having a symptomatic night and sleep seems to be eluding me.

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Of course you can have a girlfriend. Or two or three… (not at the same time :smile:)
Before a girl can love you, you must learn to love yourself man !! And respect yourself and fight this goddam illness. Start therapy please…


Yeah. I think you’re a pretty good looking dude with a friendly disposition.


You can and you will but you need to go out there and meet new people and new friends :slightly_smiling_face:


Woman are unpredictable. You can never count them out.
I’m average looking guy and I haven’t had a lot of sex but I’ve gotten lucky with several women that were wayyyy out of my league. I didn’t plan it, I didn’t expect it, but it happened.

Maybe they felt sorry for me .I don’t care; I got to have sex, lol! Anyways, looks help in getting somewhere with woman but they aren’t mandatory.

Just be nice and respectful and blackmail them into sleeping with you. (just kidding).

They’re just people with the same problems and insecurity’s that men have. There’s millions of girls out there who can’t find dates…There’s millions of good looking woman who sit at home on Saturday nights because no one has the balls to ask them out. These are girls the girls you see walking their dogs down the street or you see at the grocery store pricing cantaloupes.

Girls are all over. It took me years to gain a little insight into women. Don’t waste time like I did. Take a chance, take a risk, put yourself out there, this is how you find a date or a girlfriend. Woman are exasperated with men because guys the women give out all these signals that tney just want to talk and be friends with a guy but all the guy is thinking about is sex.

You see how friendly women are on this site. Well that’s how women are in real life too. I’ve learned that many women will overlook a lot in a guy and they will give you a chance in many cases. Many women will give you the benefit of the doubt but it’s up to you to not be stupid with them and just be nice. Personally, sex isn’t my big priority right now. I like to joke around about it and if the stars align and I hit it of with some women then I will pursue it and see what happens. Yeah, lately I’ve been coasting and just being friendly but I’m kind of debating about if I should put out some effort and maybe go further. Who knows?

Anyways, you’re not a bad looking guy and you seem friendly so you have a chance at getting a girlfriend. Money helps but it’s not a necessity. Women might just enjoy your company.

I don’t know if I am giving out secrets or just spouting out bulls*it, lol. Anyways good luck.


Thanks Nick …!!!

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you can do it. have confidence. forget this stupid illness and live your life


I want to have a girlfriend too :crazy_face:

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I also want to have a girlfriend. But i first want to make millions.


Girl’s have an odd way about finding who they end up with.

Two things are significant factors in at least remaining liked by them. Respect them and their choices of doing whatever (absolutely whatever) they want with themselves. Then respect yourself by knowing what’s bad for you and just stay from the rotten ones (without resentment or guilt).

The guy who is most hands off across the situations usually comes off as having something else going on in life. It breaks the more unified sense of attention they get and breeds trust on a weird level… that you know you are just a guy among many and you’re okay with it. You already know that so you like to just keep focused on life and what makes you happy. You’re not overly obsessed with the desire of a girl.

The tease’s will see you in that state… give you just a enough hope to expose the soft-underbelly of your needs… and then drop you on your ass confused. Those ones really don’t care about a persons needs.

You gotta also know what you’re dealing with. Girls are pretty birds that get a whole lot of attention, but also put up with a lot of foul predatory ■■■■. Whether the like the metaphor or not they have ample chance to flee at all times because they are so welcomed everywhere. Especially if they lack the tendency to burn people out on their presence.

Dude… about 95% of the time that sex occurs on this planet it is usually because a guy is being borderline rapey type assertive. It’s a complicated scenario, because a girl might like a guy and can put up with the sexual inclination for a time, but none of them come out respecting that.

I’m lucky that I’ve gotten close enough to a few to hear it from them personally.

You can come out looking like the better man always if you never force them to do anything. Even if it doesn’t get what you want… the respect will come back to you.

Seeing as how you’re a virgin at this age. I’m guessing you need someone patient. You’re also going to want a girl who either knows what she’s doing and wants to make a man out of you (the kind who finds it easier to just stand on his own)… or a girl who wants something serious (and that’s rare for everyone… it’s why it should be respected when girls want to chose you.)

Regarding the trying to get a girl for life approach… it’s hella complicated in all ways and can destroy a man as he stacks himself up against the world to test his worth. It’s 100% easier if you just wait until they like you… then the reassurance will be automatic so long as you are mindful not to annoy them.

You gotta move about in life. You gotta follow your passions. You gotta have a hobby or reason to go out. Maybe find a place that serves your favorite beverage and try to get comfortable out there just sitting somewhere sipping down a coffee or a hot chocolate or a beer.

Really try to wrap your head around what a casual disposition is… Everything is just a passing moment that shouldn’t really be about anything but fun. No weight or excess needs or letting the minor things girls are doing annoy you… just sit back and enjoy your drink. Know it’s alright to watch the room so long as you aren’t trying to take it for yourself.

Then just talking casually… don’t be afraid to make comments… when it’s in the realm of just talking most people aren’t against exchange words… you can even try to forget that they are women and just treat them like a generic person… just a character. (That’s surprisingly a tough thing to do.)

Once you get more comfortable just having casual and passing conversations you might start to see what girl’s specific inflections are in a more general sense. Like the difference between a girl finding something funny, or her being legitimately flattered… or what a crush looks like on their end (even if it’s for someone else).

Then you’ve made it bro… you’ve matured in a way that has everything in it’s place for you to just be a guy in the world. You’ll feel empowered with a sense of knowing where you can go… and you’ll know not to wear anything out… you’ll start seeing all the girls around and it won’t be like they are of some other world… they’re just girls… no they don’t make sense… they really are more inclined to be infatuated with life… sex included… but only in a small part. They like going places and seeing new things… dude it’s a hell bill they’ll you even if you aren’t the one technically paying.

They want their lives to be special.

Really though… I think all I mean by all that… is get comfortable. Gotta be comfortable in public places and in having idle talk with girls. Let your curiosity show… you do seem like a genuine sweet guy. Probably a have a feminine side… don’t be afraid to let that out around them. It can be good grounds to learn.

Other than that… it ain’t a fair world if everyone doesn’t stand a chance… good people are inclined to respect that… and regardless of how it seems at time… their are good women out there.


Really long post azley…couldnt read it…


Ah come on man! There is some good stuff in there! Break it apart one paragraph at a time. I can’t really condense it.


Thanks azley i will read it…

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I think you would be a very kind, caring, and respectful partner. Plus you are attentive and remember information that people share with you. I think you can meet a nice woman, Far Cry.


You seem like a great guy! Just relax and don’t be too eager when talking with women. Ask them about their interests and be genuinely interested in their responses. Don’t try to fix their problems or give advice not asked for. Just listen and show empathy. Be honest and forthright not necessarily telling them everything right away however. Pick a flower for them. If they like it usually they are the right kind of women because they display a kind gentle heart. Anyway that’s my two cents. Maybe is all just stupid advice. Just speaking from my past.

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I’m right there with you man, I also haven’t had a girlfriend and I’m looking for one.
But believe me everything will come at the right time my friend :smiley:

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You’re the sexiest man alive.