Still a virgin (Yeah, is not funny)

How you do to meet a girl if you have sz? I dont talk too much, I am like the mute one, so… I will die virgin?


I think the reason you feel bad is because of pop culture. People do it in movies and stuff like that so you feel left out. Just focus on the stuff you can control. It will all work out.


You could try a dating app


It’s good to be a virgin (at least I think so). Best to get married before sex (although this rarely happens).


Im in one but no one talks to me, and I feel embarassed to talk with a girl

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just say something simple like “hi, how are you” and ask questions


So you just want “a girl” like any girl? If so, lower your standards and you will be drowning in women, you are a great guy I think, possibly knowing multiple languages and so on. You aren’t bad looking either, just like most people. Very few people have everyone banging on their door to be with them. If you put yourself out there you should find someone and make friends in the process.

Some people are disabled, disfigured, in a wheelchair etc, and they never find someone for that reason. It’s the unfortunate reality. You were more fortunate. Remember that you have an invisible disability with this disease. It can make it that much harder to relate to people.

At some point in your life you might meet a girl who who is interested in you, or who has given up on chasing men she considers her first choice and will settle for you. More than likely you will settle for her. It may not be a perfect, you know, Disney movie ending, but that is reality and you have to live in it.

Or you may realize that you don’t need a particular woman’s affection to complete your life. Plenty of people in the kind of relationship you desire are unhappy and feel incomplete or have serious issues. You also don’t want to become codependent ideally, that can be unhealthy.

So learn to enjoy life, and don’t get down because of that dating site you were on. Dating sites, men often have a hard time getting responses. People can be very fickle.


Just go on Tinder and right swipe every girl. I get at least one matc a day. I’m pretty ugly so you will probably get more than one.


There is a guy in my community who has terminal cancer who is in his 50s and he is possibly a virgin. He will be dying soon. Do you think that guy is worried about “oh I will die a virgin”. He is more likely concerned about more serious questions in his life, the likes of which we can only imagine.

The concept of virginity in itself is a social construct which is kind of silly. Mostly created by teenagers to shame each other, like “Oh, you haven’t done this yet, you’re not a cool teenager” or something like that. Or by certain cultures to shame young women for not being “chaste” before marriage. I don’t even know why people still use that word to describe people who havent performed certain acts on certain parts of other people’s bodies.


It’s not the end of the world.
Allow it to happen naturally.


Women want a guy, sometimes they are desperate. For example when they’re getting a bit older and feel the need to settle down and have children or whatever…

Social dynamics are complex, at different times in your life you may find that barriers you once had are lifted and everything is going your way. At other times you will feel like nothing good is happening for you.

But it is complicated, I don’t have much experience with this myself so I can’t talk, but I really like talking about just about anything even if I don’t know, can’t you tell?


I’m about to turn 44 and I’m still a virgin. It’s not such a big issue when you get older. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone you’ll connect with. Also, remember that you can experience love even without the physical part…


You have to go where women are. Figure out where there’s women and go there and talk to them. I don’t think bars and clubs are the best place to meet women if you don’t have a lot of confidence. If you go to a bar or club with the idea that you will lose your virginity somehow you will be sorely disappointed. There’s a lot of competition those places.

But taking an Adult Ed class is a good place to find women to talk to. Take a pottery class or a photography class, or a music class etc. its good to take fun classes because it loosens everybody up and you all have a shared interest in common.

If you have a dog, walking the dog in a park or taking him to a dog park is a great way to meet women. People walking their dogs are one of the friendliest groups of people. Dogs are a great conversation starter.“Oh, your dog is beautiful, what kind is he?” People eat that stuff up.

But you won’t lose your virginity by staying home. You have to go out.


The best thing imo is to accept the no sex with sz thing. Try to make friends with a woman. Then if things work out you get a huge bonus. When I met my wife I didn’t focus on sex. The only thing I knew when we first met was that we were going to be friends and possibly for life. Sex is way too important in America. The world would be way better off if we all waited for marriage. Cheating is a loose loose situation . There’s more to life than sex. Work on getting a normal as possible life. Put the sex thing on the back burner. We seem to just repel the opposite sex when we’re so desperate.


You’ve been there too, eh?! I am freaking scared of these type of women.


I’m not speaking from experience, I don’t get out much. On the rare occasion a woman has tried to start a conversation with me I was caught by surprise. Like, really, me? I look a lot older than I am…

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Well, I am coming from experience and desperate women make obvious statements or act aggressively because their biological clock is ticking. Beautiful, pretty or decent women never have this problem… usually it’s the ugly girls that do.


Don’t be a hater dude, men are more desperate in general I think.

Well, that’s if the man is all set with a job, car & house… he’ll try to get the best girl as possible.

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You have very little understanding of women.