I Heard Pet Sales Are Soaring Around the Globe

People are housebound and need companionship…as do their kids.

I’ve got 2 cats now, and a guinea pig.

We used to have a little fish tank when the girls were toddlers, but I stopped that. I’d get sheepishly attached to these little creatures…then I’d find them belly-up in their bowls…and I’d be traumatized, so i stopped buying them.


That’s a shame. People get a pet when they have a little extra time on their hands and They get into something they probably know little about.

A pet can live a long time. My last cat lived 17 years. Vet bills can also be expensive. Animals also ■■■■ and pee in the house, Dogs need to be walked… the list is endless

I have 1 cat now and I’m lucky that her only bad habit is pooping in front of her litter box.

I purposely have never gotten a dog because they need too much attention and affection, and need to be walked 3 times a day.

With my schizophrenia and creaky back, it just wasn’t in the cards.


I do not want any pets. I am also afraid that this coronavirus infects pets that then can infect people. Maybe this is just my paranoia, because I had not heard any cases like this.

I would love a new pet, but financially that ain’t in the cards.

I don’t know how much of it is good either if people don’t think long-term about their ‘purchase’.

A pet is not a toy or a doll to be admired; they require real love and affection.

And the money! Yeah! Yikes!

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I heard people are dropping their pets off at shelters because they are afraid they will make them sick.

I’m very grateful for my budgie. She’s very entertaining! I can’t cope for long without a pet. I grew up with several so love them. I wouldn’t mind a cat but they kill birds and need vet visit sometimes. I find budgies very easy to look after and their food is very inexpensive and lasts longer.

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I have a dog named Chloe and a cat called Tink Tink. Most of my responsibility is to take care of Chloe. She’s the best. We go on walks 3 times a day, she eats twice a day, and she gets a snack at night. She sleeps next to me in the bed curled up into a little ball under the covers touching me. Sometimes we play tug of war too. Hopefully when coronavirus dies down, I’ll get her some lessons. I’ve been training her to the best of my ability, but I think I need some professional help socializing her with other animals.


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