PETS - =^o^=

yesterday I did make up for two models - and met some nice people.
The shoot was in her house and she had

2 dogs
2 cats
a parrot

  • I played with the animals a lot and it was so much fun!!

I want to have a pet too - just not sure if I can take care of - in long term

What do you think?

  • Adopt a cat
  • Adopt a dog
  • Forget it

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I would say a cat because they require less attention and can go out on their own. I’m also a cat person so I’m biased. I have a grey striped cat named Emma and she is very sweet. She likes to play and she gets fed tuna on most days and she loves her tuna!


aww that is so cute yeah I love cats too - I am just feeling weird I guess.

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A pet is a big responsibility. You have to clean up after it, and make sure it is fed, and give it tons of love and attention. You have to be sure you’re ready for the time commitment.

Cats are much more low-maintenance than dogs. They would be easier to care for on days when you’re not feeling well.


I saw the cutest dog for adoption and she is small breed DASCHUND - AND SENIOR so I can easily take care of her and the days I am not feeling well - I could take her on my balcony and clean after her. :thinking:

I am not sure

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t know that you’re quite ready for a dog. She needs to be let out for more than just pooping. She needs exercise, or else she might destroy the house. And dogs need tons of attention at all times. And daschunds have notoriously fussy stomachs. They tend to need expensive food at specific times throughout the day, and lots of vet appointments.

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Get a weird pet… Just get them young don’t adopt a full grown anything most animals are diff than dogs and cats…

Hedgehogs make good pets just keep them away from cleaning products…not for their safety but yours…they swish it around in their mouth…foam it up and cover their spikes…mine liked to coat itself in gas the spikes hurt to a ridiculous degree covered in chemicals…

A ferret is very fun just get a female they smell much less…and with a regular bathing scedual nobody will smell it…

Chinchillas are wonderful…

Lizards are great just watch that tail…

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get a parrot and teach it cuss words



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I hear you and I was with that but I thought of a few other things. A dog is sturdier. I can whip my Concho around and hug him tight (I don’t hurt him. He lets me know if I cross the line) but Concho need lots of Concho time. If she got a dog it would be easier for her to take it with her. A cat would probably freak out in public if she decides to certify the animal as a therapy animal.

@cherie are you going to register the animal as a therapy animal?

Lol we got a parrot when I was young that knew cusswords… We got it from a sweet old church lady…I learned all the cuss words in English I know from a bird…


dammit I want a parrot now

i hope the cat doesnt eat it

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Cats are the best. I’ve owned cats all my life. I love my cat “Simba”. He is 14 now. He is a cream orange tabby. Beautiful. I can leave him all alone for 4 days at a time. Which means I can go on small vacations when I want to and he takes care of himself. Cats are wonderfully carefree. All you have to do is sift their litterbox everyday, which is a cinch if you do it every day. And change out their litter every week. My cat sees the vet once a year for his physical and shots. Cats can live up to 25 years if they are indoor cats only and well cared for. I don’t even brush my cat, (because he won’t stand for it), and he still looks beautiful. I greatly recommend a kitty.

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If you get a cat just be sure to keep the box clean…or train it to go in the toilet… Positive reinforcements work wonders on cats…punishment seems to have no effects on cats…they may just attack you more lol…

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I got a cat back in December! He was about 3-5 months old. A handful, terrified of litterbox, all sick. I nursed him back to health and he nursed ME back to health, lol!

Cats are less needy, for the most part. I just had to get used to a few things:

don’t step on the cat because he runs under my feet while I’m walking

Don’t expect pets whenever you want pets, because I guess the cat has a say in whether he gets pet or not, too (sooo disappointed in this one).

Play with cat. Get a string and tie a jingly ball to it, or a catnip mouse and play with him several times a day. It’s a great stress reliever and he makes me giggle every time! Also keeps the cat healthy and not neurotic.

Be prepared to become tired of telling cat to get off the counters.

Totally worth it! If you need help with self-care things, maybe a cat will either be a good thing for you or not a good thing. The cat needs to have his litter box cleaned, fed at regular intervals, and played with. Maybe get a little alarm for all of these things so you can remind yourself? I have a calendar alarm on my cell phone for google calendar.

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