I have to go out twice today and again tomorrow


Today- first of all for my depot, that is normal every fortnight. However I then have to go to the bank to discuss the account I have and whether there’s a better one, The thing is the one I’m on now is for people on benefits and I’m comfortable with it. I don’t really want to change for the prospect of an account that pays minuscule interest.
Then tomorrow I have an appointment to see the pdoc . The thing is I am relatively stable within the context of having chronic problems for which help is not really forthcoming- social isolation/interaction problems/ lack of drive,motivation, and goals/ anxiety etc.


I’m going to try for an e mail appointment as I have difficulty finding a time my brother can drive me. I pretty much don’t have any new business either. I know he has phone sessions.

Maybe not this time - but the getting out is probably good for you. I don’t like to do things two days in a row either.


For me it’s going through the motions as there’s little on offer if you are in the chronic category. Basically fortnightly butt jabs ,


I go for medicine management. I’m staying where I am right now - possible iffy changes in the future -


Just thought if I turn up for that less than wonderful men’s group I can avoid going home only to have to go out again.


Sat through men’s group to avoid going home and then out again. It was only the man with a learning disability and me. I tried a few times to start a conversation(not my strong point anyway) to be met with a mumbled sentence or half sentence. The only thing he offered was that the peer leader who runs the group hasn’t been for a while. Apart from that it was lengthy silence
Before that had depot and bp and pulse taken. BP was 108/90 and pulse 115(fast again).

After the men’s group I had a quick look around the shops before going for the bank appointment. He offered a current account with more bells and whistles than my current account but none of it I needed and I said thanks but no thanks. Then he mentioned a savings account but the 0.25% interest on it wasn’t tempting. Finally he mentioned a credit card but unfortunately I had to tell him that although I would meet the requirements now there was a chance that I might not later due to possible/probable benefit changes later.