Had an intervention from community mental health team cos I went off meds

3 folk turned up and said them and my pdoc were worried about me. I had stopped some meds and during that period had tried to discharge myself from the community services.

I didn’t do well off meds.

My CPN, along with my support workers, sat down and worked out a plan of psychosocial interventions for the next few months.

I was quite touched that they cared enough to do all this. Or maybe they were just being thorough. Either way I think I am better off now.


That’s amazing actually. You’re lucky to have that kind of support.


same thing happened here.

missed a few appointments, years ago.

3 girls showed up at my door.

I pretended I wasn’t home.

meds are important though, so good on you @Jimbob.

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The people at my depot clinic are quick to phone up even if I am slightly later than usual for depot. Once,after a spell of being quite late a few times over a couple of months, they actually came to the house to give the depot.
I guess I should take that as a pointer that (a) They think I have an illness (b)They think I need it. I have ongoing issues over whether I am actually ill or merely socially dysfunctional.

Maybe it shows they care but I wish they could be as conscientious over aspects the meds are not ideal at combating. I am far from against meds but feel often treatment is myopically seen through the rather exclusive and narrow lens of medication, to the relative neglect of other factors.

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I’m glad you have people looking out for you, J. Hope your new plans give you some benefit. :two_hearts:

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Wow, that is uplifting to hear your being taken care of. wait, it’s better, it’s great news!

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