Got my public transport pass today

So I get free bus travel.

I have been wanting to get the bus to my health centre for my depot. Problem is I have been so housebound that I have lost all confidence about going outside


Having low cost transportation can only be so beneficial. Years ago I was excited when me and my Mom moved to a neighborhood which was within walking distance of the bus stop. For the several months we lived there however the only place I rode on it was to the Library where I worked. My anxiety made going anywhere else too stressful.

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Thats nice free transportation will probably motivate you to go out more.

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Spoke to my nurse today. I am going to try getting my next depot in the health centre clinic (as opposed to at home).

I think this is a positive step


Thats good speak to the Pdoc about maby making it once every two weeks because I had the same problem when I extended it to once a month.

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I had a free bus pass for a while in Essex. Then,although my situation hadn’t changed, a series of factors beyond my control meant it couldn’t be renewed.

Basically the junior pdoc that had written the supporting letter getting me the passmoved. I contacted the senior pdoc who said he wouldn’t do it as he hadn’t seen me for several years(his choice not mine) . I then wrote to my GP who never replied.

I then gave up in frustration . I was being penalised for something that wasn’t my fault .
To say mental health services at my old address rated a 2/10 would be giving them too much praise.

I could try for one here, but I don’t as apart from a small area around where I live(it took me ages to navigate a slightly bigger area at my previous address) I’d struggle to find my way around . Getting lost would probably mean my going into full,hysterical meltdown mode. I do have an alert card via my Asperger’s but have no clue what shops etc have signed up to it .

Basically I’d have to have someone with me . Stepdaughter has a car and works. Ditto eldest granddaughter. Youngest granddaughter has a 21 month year old daughter to look after.

In Scotland you get a bus pass based on your dla/pip status. I think maybe you can get one based on a health professional testimony.

But I got this bus pass without needing a letter of support.


one step at a time guys :slight_smile: good luck

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I get what you’re saying. But… Maybe try to talk about your successes? It may make your attitude more positive.

I think we can get blue badges now as well. I think you would have to be pretty paranoid around people to qualify for it though.

The trouble is it’s very hard to think of any successes . In any case the situation with a bus pass is/was nothing to do with a positive frame of mind or not . It would be very difficult for me to make a bus journey on my own .

I guess I try to be positive. I talked to my best friend. He says he makes lists of things he’s accomplished. When he’s trying something new and stressful, he takes out the lists. He says it helps.

Could you try that?

I accomplished getting the housing association to trim the long hedge leading to where I live. It was very overgrown .

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