I have a theory about schizophrenia that is certainly true for me personally

The theory is as follows:
Your level of physical fitness\physical stamina has a big bearing on intrusive thought content.
The situation is such, that the fitter you are and the more physical stamina you have,
the stronger the pressure on you from intrusive thoughts.

I certainly feel it is true for me personally.

I personally prefer to be as fit physically as possible, and I hope I will be able to bear the attendant pressure of intrusive thoughts.


I agree, when I exercise my head is clear. I can concentrate on either lifting or cycling, without the crap thoughts that usually fill my head. Unfortunately I can’t exercise all day or I would. It feels good, especially the endorphin high.


I will try to stay fit, hopefully it will help my state of mind. But I suffer severe intrusive thoughts what can I do about them?

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The only thing that helps me is to stay busy and force myself to do things I really don’t want to do. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to make my brain shut up.

I used to power lift when I was younger (and in defiance of my cardiologist). It made no difference.

I’m starting to work on getting more exercise but I’m taking it slow cause of my knees and neck Not to mention my lungs aren’t the strongest.

Yes, self-care is important.
However, if you are at a place like myself which does not let me take care of my body, psychological self-care is important as well. Listen to a good song, talk to a friend, etc.

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You don’t need to be taking “it” at all until you’ve seen a doctor. My high school band directors told us that even if you’ve literally never ran a lap in your entire life, exercise should not cause pain, ever. Our bodies have pain signals for a reason, so if running, for instance, is causing you pain, then you need to stop and ask your doctor about it. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. :heart:

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Well I do know why my neck hurts cause I have arthritis in it!

But idk my knees have always been bad and doctors just keep telling me its because I’m overweight but they hurt even before I was overweight.

So far nobody will look at them because I’m fat and it’s very frustrating

But it is reassuring to me for you to say this and I will look for another doctors opinion!!

Thank you!! :hearts:

It can be so hard to find a doctor who will evaluate your actual symptoms and not just pin everything on being overweight/having XX chromosomes. The number of times I went to a doctor for my nausea troubles only to be told it was stress, when years later I found out I had been bitten by a lone star tick and am now allergic to meat :roll_eyes:

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Is that Lyme disease?

No, it’s Rocky Mountain spotted fever

For me the intrusive thoughts get worse when I exhaust myself.
Maybee cause I’m a tired bum.

I find it too. When i exercise and start living I go bananas. I hide from life cause out of fear to get sick again. The last treatment was a shock to me I haven’t recovered from. Poor selfcare since 2011. Just made me hate psychiatry and mental system to my guts.
This forum gives me hope to try living again. Sitting in front of my pc 16 hours on and off is not living.

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