I have a bad temper

I have a bad temper.

Should I focus on disguising or is it possible to change?

what do they believe in?

Does anything make it worse? Coffee? Alcohol?


I don’t have anger.

I have a strong personality that i build from a longo time in life. There is a genetic component too (this desease contributes obviously). But i’m a generic Nice person.

But i have like i said a strong personily. When someone prejudicates me i have a rough tone.

How can i relativizate things? How to Change my perspective on pressure situations?

I want to Change because i need to work on group

I can say that pressure agravate my mood. But i try that it doesnt appears. I want a deep Change anyway. How can i do? Is it really possíble?

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Seems like you should not be reactive. Practice restraint instead of reacting in any way.

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Nice answer. I’ll try. Thank you

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I have been informed by my psychiatrist that emotions such as anger cloud good judgment by the brain. Being ethical or distinguishing what is right from wrong is over written by our emotions. Even all living mammals express emotions which includes having a bad temper.

Hope your bad temper situation works out well.

I had a temper growing up, especially teen years

It’s completely gone now. Except if I do get angry is quite explosive

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Anger is an emotion that we express when some event causes it. Emotions are never completely gone but subside with age. I understand the “explosive” part about getting angry but hopefully the anger, rage and being furious does not lead to violence or harm. As my psychiatrist has stated, “emotions cloud judgment”.

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I dated a Filipino woman and in their country they work hard. She would work a 12 hour shift, then wake up on her day off at 4 in the morning and run the sweeper, then go out and snow blow. I did help with the snow blowing. I have a timid and kind of ghetto way about how I do things. Because she grew up in the Philippines where life conditions are more harsh, she’s very direct and comes across tough and harsh. At the time I was like damn playa am I pissing this lady off all the time? We just had different personalities. If I’m dating a woman I accept them and try to understand them, so things go smoothly. I always analyze and question things because I like to think for myself. I do like hearing opinions too because it can teach you a lot of life lessons…I got some older friends I talk to who work in all kinds of areas of work, I learn from talking to them and they learn from me. It takes a village to raise man. Good luck with things

Ive been feeling angry a lot lately. But i dont think its necessarily a bad thing. It feels like its driving me forward more. Im less scared of things now and more pissed about them instead haha.

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i have a bad temper too. its hard to control

Change the way you look at things.


Don’t have a bad temper. Turn that frown upside down! :upside_down_face:


Have you tried Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)? There’s a lot to it, but it focuses on accepting yourself, feeling safe, and managing your emotions.

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I did. I’m better but not enough

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Dbt doesn’t help me. Nothing helps me