Not able to get angry

That says it all. I just cannot get angry. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? A few people have commented on it at jobs I’ve had. When I do occasionally get mad, it is at the wrong time. I don’t mean I cause a huge scene, but I will snap at something someone says and then I realize that they made an innocent remark. I’m always wrong like that and then that either makes them mad or makes myself look bad.


i used to b a very angry person but now i’m mostly just sad in fits and spurts. most of the time i’m pretty upbeat but that’s just me being discossiative. (spelling). if i really sat down and thought about everything that’s happened, i’d probably kill those responsible.

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nick, try the gym. I mean it. it puts anger in its place and gives you healthy aggressions instead of out of place ones.

good luck. judy


I never get angry and I feel this is good. I rather be with people who are not angry, they are typically much nicer people.

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People who get angry do often stupid things that they regret later.

After I started on Quetiapine I am almost never angry. I used to be very short tempered. I threatened my supervisor at work once. I said I’d beat him up. He was stupid but I was more stupid saying that. Luckily my boss didn’t make a big thing out of it.

What Jesus said about anger …

I used to be the kind of person that bottled things up and then reacted out of proportion to the event at hand. Got me banned off quite a few forums. Since being on the Consta i don’t react as much or as strongly. Although i still feel negative emotions in a way that i don’t feel positive ones.
The word blasé could be used . Mostly i am just content to drift .

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lol my brother is a grouch - always moody and irritable. I tend to get angry and snap at people who hurt my feelings - I am very sensitive this way

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I used to be very angry and really lash out off the hook, and scare people away from me. At the height of my anger I was finding myself all alone with no help many times. People were leaving my life in droves.

I’m sure some of it was Sz. But the men in this family all have this thing of being angry drunks. When any of us are drunk, we are not nice to be around. So first, completely cut the alcohol.

Second, about the anger… I’ve gotten a handle on that with management classes and therapy. Now when I do get angry over some stuff, I tend to retreat and just leave.

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I used to have a huge anger problem. At one job, I cursed out every single person that worked there. There were over 30 people–including 3 bosses.

I think some of the anger was from undiagnosed sz. I felt persecuted by my coworkers and that’s why I lashed out so much and so hard.

Once I started psych meds, most of that anger faded away. I rarely get angry now. And when I do, I often laugh inappropriately.

It’s def better than cursing everyone out lol!




i do not have this problem i get angry and then get over it but my sister does and it comes out in funny ways never take her to mc donalds because if they make one slight mistake she goes berserk lol im just sat there saying calm down theyll spit in your food. she just says she now allows herself to feel angry when it happens and not feel “bad” for it little girls arent supposed to be angry and boys arent supposed to cry just our culture really.

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I reshaped my apartment wall with a beer bottle once. Fixed it myself though and repainted the wall.

This happens when I’m fed up with a world that is ruled by money.

Up here in Canada it would not surprise me if people say a little prayer at dinner time.

In the name of
The Penny
The Loonie
and The Holy Toonie
we thank you for the food you have given us.


I score in the 99% for conscientiousness on the big five test and i scored in the 75th percent for psychopathic deviance on the MMPI-2…which makes for one really weird psyche. I enjoy aggressive activities (lifting weights, competitive shooter games) but I am very careful about offending people. I do snap at the slightest aggression towards me though, for example, my unmedicated bipolar sister told me to “sit the ■■■■ down” after our rescue dog bit me (ill-behaved dog) and I had to spank the dog. I yelled at my sister DONT TELL ME TO SIT THE ■■■■ DOWN. Then she went on a rampage, typical of her.

I just don’t take ■■■■ at all. My friends never ■■■■ with me at all, I think they get the impression that I wouldnt take it well.

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: money + bad :dog: :dog: :dog:= LOL


I was married to a man that rarely got angry. Well, no, rarely showed anger is more the case. Pretty scary when he “snapped”.
The thing is, he did get angry a lot. He just wouldn’t show it outright because he was taught by the military and law enforcement how not to react angrily to have others see it and give you a bad report.
Instead he was extremely passive-agressive and tended to take his anger out in passive ways, such as NOT doing the things he should have, but not accepting any blame either. It was very unhealthy for both of us.
Me, on the other hand, I will tolerate quite a bit, but at some point when I’ve felt over-drawn at the patience bank, I will come unglued to the point the word monster comes to mind. I will yell pretty loud, my neighbors hate me, and if you stand around long enough, you will know every single thing about what is the matter.
Then I cool off and resume the land of the living.
Under no circumstances when angry is anyone, or anything allowed to be hurt, except my possessions that are my sole property.


@Comatose…I have an anger problem, what is quetiapine?

@firemonkey…I have an anger problem…what is consta?

@karl Quetiapine is the same as Seroquel. Makes mood stabile. I also have Abilify. Maybe that too makes me more “normal”. Not easily annoyed or angry.

When I start getting annoyed at little things or coworkers it usually is an early sign for me that I’m gettin worse and need to adjust my meds.


Dear Nick, .

  I am now greater than 40 years in AA without a drink.  I have been to about 3,000 12 step meetings.  You understand, anger has been discussed at a lot of meetings I have attended!

   About the first five years I was in AA, when Anger was discussed, I mostly listened not comprehending how I fit in.  Clearly, I had experienced the anger of other people, but I didn't recognize my own.  Finally, one fellow in AA said about himself, "I don't do anger," and I found identification in his remark.

   Fast forward to the present, I'm angry a lot.  I do anger pretty nicely, however.  When I'm angry, I tend to put on my hat and leave. 

    I'm supposing anger is generally a negative emotion; I'm supposing fear underlies all negative emotions.   I think in the past, situations would send me directly to fear, but now instead I feel anger or indignance or disgust and all kinds of things like that. 

Hope this was helpful.