I have a bad face side, is it very bad? (photo)

Yeah. You’re definitely too hard on yourself

You look fine to me

And you have beautiful large pupils.

Mine rarely go like that

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Oh, hah :smiley: I think, that its a symptom still… My first pdoc noticed that at my first hospitalization… For him, it was the illness lol… :slight_smile:


You look very feminine and kind, no reason to worry. Perhaps a little vulnerable?


You look ok, i prefer longer hair though,

I think i look ok but women stay away, must be a reason for that idk

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Well, I just have an excessive skin under my chin, which is pending a lot… There’s no more contours from my ears till my neck. It’s a double chin, plus an excessive skin… My shape of my face, down there, has no contours anymore…
Anyway, let’s try to be better now, I can’t want much with a serious illness like that, which personally lasted for me probably all my life… :smirk:

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, you could improve what you want to… Would be best


Yea, some men don’t mind that. You look fine.

I hope in the future we can all get rid of this crummy disease.