Do i look very bad now?

I am afraid that the illness marked me too much. Would you say that I am ill if you see me outside?
The depression, the meds, my passivity made me look like this.
Sorry to ask it once again, but I wonder if I am not too ugly already. Maybe i’ll want to find somebody one day.

My mom says I have a bit of a childish face, but I find myself too big, with no features anymore, because of all this.

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I think you’re pretty. You look like a girl I went to high school with

When your mom says you have a childish face she’s complementing you

Thanks loke. At least i look like some other human. But my cheeks, gosh. I wish i was thinner. I pay now attention to what i eat, but it wasnt the case in the start of the zyprexa years ago. My mistake…

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You look in your twenties, don’t worry to much.


Honey we all wish we were thinner


You look wonderful @Anna1!
Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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You are pretty too Loke. You dont have my cheeks too.
Wave, doesnt i look ill?

Thank you. Some folks on here thought I was a guy bc of my short hair although I don’t know how they missed my boots (boobs. I call them boots)

I used to think you were a man because of your short hair

I know dammit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tired_face:

You dont look bad u just look like your down emotionally wise. Youll find somebody and then they will love you for who you are. You want somebody that likes u for who you are anyway rather than looks and you dont look bad anyway. Somebody will be proud to have you

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