I have a bad face side, is it very bad? (photo)

OK, I’ll post a photo of my profile now… But I really have a double chin now, its even worse… There’s no line anymore between my jaw and my neck and it looks just as theres just a massive mass of pending skin there sheesh… :disappointed_relieved:
My upper teeth were also always in advance, compared to these who are down, but yeah… idk if this massive skin and no line is a big deal?
I wonder if it’s my suffering, which caused that or the meds… but I suspect more the suffering tbh…
In my patriarchal country, the girls pay a lot of attention to their look, they make all kinds of injections and surgery, while I endure the damages of a suffering :pensive:
Anyway, I hope that this is not a big deal though lol…
Maybe with it, I look now as a person with some kind of illness lol…

How do I look?


I look like Angela Merkel now, while I have 39 years old sheesh… I am too lost or paranoid to correct this flaw with some kind of procedures…
Anyway. Maybe the vanity is for the pretty girls, I won’t be it soon…
I’ll post a full face photo too in a few. Tell me if I am cute still? And if I look 39 years old?
Just a second lol…

You look great @Anna1 you’re being too self-critical

Your face reminds me of my friend’s wife actually

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umm, your of the age where you should have longish hair,

it would bring out your eyes.


But it’s still an excessive skin there , under my chin, right @Cragger ?
Daze, I let grow my hair longer now, but it’ll be still short. I thought, that the women after some certain age, should have it shorter or no? But I let grow a bit, yeah…
Do I look my age in this photo? Am 39…


you look beautiful.

I don’t know if it’s a cliche, attraction means longer hair.

you look professional.

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Thank you, dear :relaxed: You look very well too, very fit, nice hair too :relaxed: you have a nice face too, fancy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yeah, I just thought that I talked about some certain age, but maybe 39 is still young…
I am just destroyed by my illness now and I am split between cute or smart for the real joke, haha!!! I feel like neither of both since years… Am split lol yeah.

ha, yeah, I get ya all the way.

it is what is. just roll with whatever. Your hair color is mine, pretty much.

do you like dark features in men? I always used to, but Phil is fair hair and blue eyes. idk.

Yeah, I used to like men with darker features… but I suffer from agnosis, daze, idk even which guy I like or if I am bisexual or smth else… I am so smashed, not a fancy sz…

no one or other mean sexuality. I don’t know is there a new poll on how many are inclined.

If you had asked me your age, I would have guessed about 27 from your photo

I don’t see the problem. You look good. Nothing wrong.

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I don’t see no problems too. You look good.

yea i think you look good too! No need to feel bad about yourself.

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I havd a bad side profile too, i even look a bit like you. Your young you could always loose the weight

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Your t shirt is inside out.

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İ have same side look.i think its pretty common

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It’s not skinnyme… I pay attention to these things irl. The seams of this pyjama are outy like that and just prominent…

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You are way too harsh and critical of yourself @Anna1
You look fine to me.
Shorter hair suits you.


You look normal, don’t know what your on about.

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