My profile looks bad, isn't it?

OK, I guess I have no good shape since years lol… I find that my illness marked me a lot physically, there was the sedentary too :smirk:
But do I look very much in bad shape? Sheesh, I don’t like my profile now, I have this double chin, my curbed back and you can probably just see my past suffering in it :pensive: I look like someone, who had a hard time isn’t it?
OK, my friend tells me it’s reversible if I start to think about health and moving, but I risk to still do bad stuff to my soul and body, am still not in control of my mi…
Hugs all though! I’ll try to be brave outside around my look, but I think , that you can see for real, that I was sick for long… :unamused:


No i think your eyes is really beautiful.don t underestimate yourself

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You look a bit sad but lovely.

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not really, Anna,

really like the face on shot.

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Im always taking pictures of myself from the side too.

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Thanks all lol. Well, I guess, that what is done is done yeap… I never could smile on the photos before, it wasn’t just a bad mood, it was impossible for me… well, you know how are these szs, who tend to hide and turn away their eyes if someone stares too much at them lol…
OK, the fight continues. I was ill since I remember myself, I’ve accepted a bit, that I got this illness and now I just fight for a happier life :relaxed:
You are all precious lol and kind to me :flushed::relaxed::relaxed: thanks again.
I’ll try to do it as I am. In fact, my mom bought me many, many pretty clothes and accessories, but I still don’t play a lot with them, plus I go out only for a few now… I even stopped using make up, maybe now, I don’t want to be noticed too much…
Hugs to all, love ya :relaxed:


You look sad and exhausted: (

you have a really good complexion.

You look just fine @Anna1
Don’t sell yourself short.

Nah, you just never see the side of your face, it’s like hearing your own voice. It seems strange but it’s perfectly fine.

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