I hate to say it but

Christmas is coming
Are you ready?
Do you like Christmas?
Despite my miserable state of mind I have nice childhood memories of Christmas


Christmas??? We just took the lights down yesterday!!!

oh, how I adore Christmas !! hopefully we will be ready financially for the holiday so we can have some nice memories…no, we are not ready for Christmas yet. It’s my favorite holiday.

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Yeah, winter is coming :smile:


It’s still July folks :smile:


Bah humbug!!!

I have had some great times at christmas but it’s not the same anymore these days. Hopefully I should be able to afford christmas when it gets here. :slight_smile:

Christmas 09 consisted of wine and LSD…was a good night I can’t lie. It was the best trip I ever had. Drugs r bad mmkay


2010 I got a dui dec 14th and I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t wanna ruin Christmas…then I got a ton of mail from dui lawyers in the upcoming days…and they figured it out and Christmas was ruined :frowning:

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Christmas is for the kids aslong as its magic and they have fun I’m happy…

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I like Christmas with my family and when we go away. I don’t like Christmas with Mr Turtle’s family.

This year we are thinking of driving up to Canberra for Christmas and staying in an AirBnB place. We might have a picnic on Christmas day at Lake Burley-Griffin.

One year we went on a trip to Gippsland here in Victoria. On Cristmas day we had a picnic at a place called Agnes Falls. It was such a good day.

Halloween comes first, and it’s my favorite! What happened to waiting until after Thanksgiving to talk about Christmas? I love it, don’t get me wrong, but my focus will be on Halloween way before Christmas. :jack_o_lantern::full_moon_with_face::spider::ghost:


Fall and winter holidays are the best. October-January 1st then it just feels like nothing.

I have ten turkeys to slaughter and 9 pumpkins to kick in before I even start thinking about Christmas.
But damn, now I’m craving fruitcake.

I can’t wait for the American football season to start. Oklahoma University ought to be in the hunt for a national championship this year.

We are here still at the high summer with the temperatures above 38 degrees. The hottest weather during the year!

Who’s jolly and cute,
Wearing a beard and a red flannel suit,
And if he is chuckling and laughing away,
While flying around in a miniature sleigh,
With eight tiny reindeer to pull him along,
Then let’s face it…
Your Pissed!

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I like the holiday, but not the weather. I need to live near the equator somewhat - where it stays 70-80 F year round. Where can I go ?

I dislike christmas, it has become about “things” i feel like. I hate “things”, and dispise christmas music, and misletoe is dumb and poisonous as well as poinsettias i think, and i hate putting up lights outside because i never take them down but they burn out by the following christmas, and im usually too paranoid for fat guys to be breaking and entering in my house. i am a grinch i guess, bah humbug. I love thanksgiving. Football and turkey and pies. Plus i love the hats pilgrams wear, i got to get me one of those!

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